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49ers-Giants announcers: Sunday Night Football brings Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth

Are you ready for some Sunday Night Football? The upside to SNF is it means the San Francisco 49ers will be on primetime for all of us to see (well, normally that's the upside). The downside means we get Cris Collinsworth. I think Collinsworth is a very knowledgeable announcer, who works well with Al Michaels. But that voice can bug me. I'm sure he's a nice enough guy, but that voice....

The game will be broadcast on NBC, and as each week progresses, I am curious what announcers will have to say about the train wreck that has developed for the 49ers. They will try and come up with new talking points, but it is not easy to create buzz when such ugliness is sometimes emanating from the football field. But that is the task facing Michaels and Collinsworth.

The line on this game is currently 7- or 7.5-points, and the total is set at 43, depending on the sportsbook you might use. I always root for something crazy to happen from a gambling angle when Al Michaels is calling the game. He loves to reference gambling angles, and he is generally pretty tuned into the pertinent numbers. Fingers crossed we get some of that.