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2016 NFL mock draft: Lot of time to figure out biggest needs

The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of football left in 2015, but their start through four games has us thinking 2016 NFL Draft. Mocking the Draft is here with their first mock draft of the regular season.

The 2015 NFL season is far from over, but the San Francisco 49ers have quickly found themselves in a hole. The team is 1-3, and offensive struggles could push this team further into a hole. That means the draft discussion is slowly starting to pick up steam. Another loss this weekend will likely get people further invested in the 2016 NFL Draft.

We have had plenty of discussion already with college game threads and rankings. Today, we've got our first look at a mock draft for next spring. It could make for a very long season and offseason leading up to the draft, but the discussion is at hand.

Our friends at Mocking The Draft put together their first mock draft of the 2015 season. The 2016 NFL Draft will feature plenty of intriguing talent, and the 49ers could be looking at a very high first round pick. The 49ers are tied with ten other teams at 1-3. The tiebreaker will be strength of schedule, which will not be known until the season is finished. MTD lists the 49ers with the fourth overall pick, but their SOS at this point is probably among the higher percentages. They have faced the Vikings (2-2), Steelers (2-2), Cardinals (3-1), and Packers (4-0). I don't have the numbers for other teams, but I imagine the 49ers have a fairly rigorous strength of schedule for now. That means worse draft positioning in a tiebreaker.

MTD mocks out Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa to the 49ers. Here is what Dan has to say about the selection:

Plainly stated, the 49ers need to add talent, mostly regardless of position. For me right now, Bosa is the best player in the draft. He can come in and boost the team's run defense and has shown at OSU that he can get into the backfield.

Dan's top three picks are QB Jared Goff, OT Ronnie Stanley and WR Laquon Treadwell. I am slowly understanding the top prospects across the college football landscape. The top of the draft will likely change plenty between now and next April. We still have upwards of half the college season left to play. There are bowl games, all star games, the Combine, campus workouts and more. Plenty will change.

For the 49ers, a lot of things will impact how they handle the draft. They will have a sizable amount of cap space. They have some notable free agents, but not a ton. Alex Boone seems assured of leaving. Anquan Boldin's status could depend on how this season plays out. Aldon Smith is no longer a free agency concern. Just as this season was going to be a crazy one, next offseason will be plenty crazy, no matter how this season plays out.