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Tom Coughlin with impressive wikipedia like knowledge of 49ers personnel

The New York Giants spoke to 49ers media on Wednesday. He has a good knowledge of the team, and his answers read almost like reading a fancier wikipedia page for the 49ers. It was amusing, and kind of impressive. We have a full transcript. You can also listen to audio here.

On 49ers offense:

Well, they started out like a house on fire, no doubt. I really have been impressed by the running back. I think Carlos Hyde is an outstanding runner. He's a slasher, he's an outstanding cut-back guy. I think that Kaepernick continues to be a big, strong quarterback. Fast, can run the ball, runs the option, pulls the ball down if you're not disciplined with your pass rush. Very strong arm, all kinds of play-action with opportunities for big plays down the field. I've always been an admirer of Anquan Boldin. He's a physical, strong receiver. Uses his body to shield defenders off of him. Does an outstanding job of that. The tight end, Vernon Davis, is a threat, a deep threat, a short threat. He's fast, he's able to go after the catch. He does an outstanding job of over the shoulder type catches. Good football player. And of course, Staley and Boone on that left side are both outstanding football players. The entire line is very big, and built for the run, and they do a good job of it.

On differences in Kaepernick compared to previous years:

I don't know that there are any real differences. I don't look at it that way. I still think that he has all the assets going for him as an athletic quarterback who can run as well as throw. Very strong arm, and he can make plays of his own. He can make plays with his feet, he can make plays with his arm, makes plays with his intelligence, all of the above.

On coaches being able to challenge any call in game (in light of Lions-Seahawks ending):

You know what, you raise an interesting question. But there's more things that have to deal with it than not. I am not sure why the booth didn't get involved in that. Of course, I wasn't watching the game, I saw a little bit in the second quarter. But, that's a legitimate question. I just think that supposedly the vigilance of the replay people, the final judge in the last couple of minutes, and I'm not sure why that wasn't looked at from that standpoint.

On 49ers defense and return of NaVorro Bowman:

Well, we've always had great respect for him. He's an instinctive, physical linebacker. He's a run through backer, he's disruptive, he's very smart, he picks up all kinds of tips and things along the way. He's fighting his way back from a very serious injury, and he obviously has had some issues, a couple weeks ago with the knee. But he certainly is an admirable competitor, because he's on the field the entire ballgame, and does a great job of it.

On Mangini-led defense:

Well, this defense, being a 3-4, continues the way in which the 49ers have played for quite a few years. The Fangio defense, etc. Now, they're physical, they're really big with those outside linebackers that cause you problems in pass protection. I like the nose guard, Williams. I think he's very very quick. The two 5-techniques do an outstanding job, just powerful guys who can line up and two-gap, and keep people off of the linebackers. So, that's really the front-seven, designed that way. And the secondary of course is being directed by Bethea, who's a veteran player, who's always been a physical, run-stopping kind of a guy that gets people lined up and takes charge of his secondary. That'll be what I see. Now their sub-package of course is sophisticated, with the two outside backers playing the end positions, and the tackles being able to rotate around. And then they play combinations of nickel and dime, and utilize different fronts, alignment fronts that cause lots  of problems for you, as you try to identify how your protection is going to work. So, it's a good scheme, it's well-utilized, it's balanced, and the players, they have some outstanding players who are fulfilling the objectives.

On Aaron Lynch:

Well, physical with three sacks, quarterback hits, good size at 270. Run or pass, he's a factor