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Throwback Thursday: When Owens was cool

Sadly, when looking for highlights against the Giants, there really isn't anything eye popping. Mostly because New York gets extremely lucky in the final minutes of  playoff games against the Niners to win. Ok, ok, yes they smashed us good a few times too, but we aren't going to talk about that.

Back to the lucky breaks; a three-peat from 1990 was crushed on a crucial fumble recovered by the Giants.In case we forgot about that years later, Kyle Williams muffed two punts in the 2012 NFC championship game to blow the 49ers lead and send the Giants to the Super Bowl. And no, contrary to popular belief, that was more on the Niners than it ever was on Eli being "elite".

But then there's this awesome game.

Before Terrell Owens was donning surgeon masks and creating a stir with Jeff Garcia, the two actually worked quite well. Take this game for instance, there's a whole highlight reel of Owens catches to enjoy. The best part is, the Giants had a 38-14 lead towards the end of the 3rd quarter that the 49ers absolutely smashed, thanks to a stupid call by the refs (wow, they can side with us). But officiating aside, I'm not sure how you blow that kind of lead. Then again, the Niners did it against Tom Brady in a New England game a few years ago, so maybe it's not as uncommon as I think.

In any case, watch this offense score more than 3 points within, like, a few seconds.