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Jim Tomsula talked Jimmie Ward, Vernon Davis, motivation for SNF

The San Francisco 49ers head coach met with media on Friday before the team's final practice of the week. He talked about Jimmie Ward, motivation for Sunday Night Football and more. We've got a full transcript. You can also listen to audio here, and view video here.

Opening comments:

"Injuries, [WR] Quinton Patton is, he's in that protocol. So, that should be cleaned up. I think it's today, today or tomorrow, they have through the week. But, he's done all the walk-thrus, he's done all that stuff, just been no contact. [T Joe] Staley, [vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson] Ferg, we decided yesterday just to hold it again. Again, he's done all the walk-thrus and things, so he'll be out there today and we're going there. And then, [LB] Ahmad [Brooks], obviously, I believe that's public knowledge now, has had a death in the family and again we keep him in our thoughts and prayers. So, that's it. What have you got?"

TE Vernon Davis, is he good to go?

"Yeah, well Vernon, he's practiced. I think they have him, he was limited. I think the category they had him. He was out in practice the last two days."

Is there any concern about Staley not being able to play?

"It never reached that point. Again, we're going to get him moving around. I'm not going to put anybody in danger. But, I don't think, he's going out today and we'll get a much better idea on things. He's moving around and doing all that."

How is LB NaVorro Bowman doing after four games? I mean he's been in almost probably 98-percent of the plays, so how's--?

"And you saw us last week with a couple of things, trying to take a few reps off him. You saw some of the sub groups there. So, we are, that is something that we are paying attention to and we do keep rep counts on that stuff. But, he's doing fine. We want to stay ahead of it obviously, but looks like he's doing fine."

Yeah, I mean he does. I don't know if we are waiting for like a "wow" moment from him with like 20 tackles or something like that, but it seems like he's working himself back into form. Is that kind of a good way to explain it?

"I don't know that I'd phrase it that way. He's playing. We're playing. But, the biggest thing that I've been looking at is making sure that we stay, you always want to try, in my opinion, we want to try to stay in front of that."

Defensive coordinator Eric Mangini yesterday said he wouldn't completely rule out Ahmad from playing Sunday is that--?

"That's what I would say with that. I mean, we're talking about a family tragedy. That family is going through an awful time right now."

Getting Vernon back, what kind of shot in the arm could that be for the offense?

"I mean, obviously Vernon is a dynamic football player, but we'll see. We get through today and we keep going. But, I have liked the other guys too. I don't want to discredit them. I mean, obviously, Vernon is a heck-of-a football player, but the other guys have been doing a nice job and we're excited about that whole room."

You came in 2006, Vernon came in, I'm sorry you came in 2007, Vernon was here a year earlier. You've seen him grow and develop into not only a profession, but also as a person and an individual.

"As a person and individual."

He goes up on that 10-year wall this year, the 50th person to do it in this franchise history. Everybody up there has their own kind of special story. Can you just kind of relate briefly what makes Vernon special as a 49er to go up there and get there on that 10-year wall, which not a lot of people do especially in this era?

"Yeah, I mean, it speaks volumes to what he's done here. I mean, young and getting after it. You've kind of seen him in his approach to things and life. The kids started happening and all that and you start seeing him be a father, in a lot of the things he does in a humanitarian way. So, that has been, to me Vernon has always been able to run really fast, catch, block, but those things are what I've noticed the most."

How much fuel and motivation does a Sunday night game in New York give a team like this looking to rebound?

"Yeah, well, just getting a chance to play again. You just want to get back out on the field, you know? So, I just, I think the guys are excited. It's been a good week of practice, but we've had those. It's got to translate to the game. So, we're all anxious to get to the game field. And New York now, [New York Giants head] coach [Tom] Coughlin, we've got, what, two or three coaches that have worked for coach Coughlin. And we've got a bunch of guys that know coach Coughlin. So, you know what kind of team's there and their approach and what they're doing. So, obviously a talented team."

DB Jimmie Ward played obviously quite a bit and played pretty well Sunday. Was he at a point I guess in Week 4 where health-wise he was good or, I guess what I'm asking is, how come he didn't play as much in the first three games and he had a pretty prominent role last week?

"Yeah well, I mean, Jimmie too, again, coming through some stuff. He's moving around really well. So, that was it. Jimmie, we've always, I don't think anybody here has questioned the way Jimmie works or what we see as Jimmie's ability and things like that. Jimmie's a fun player to watch because he's so, his passion just screams in the way he's flying around on the field. And he's still a young player. So, young players are learning. But, Jimmie's, he's in the coach's hip all the time. He's constantly, he's just one of those guys there's an energy about him."

You were saying that you had a good week of practice. What's the best thing you saw out of QB Colin Kaepernick this week, whether it's on the field or in the meeting rooms, with the work he's done?

"Just back to work, you know? Just, it's nice to see him get back to work. The one thing coaching-wise when you have a tough game, you see it, it's on the faces. And getting through that to let's look at the next task and let's get going. So, this whole week has just been full of the New York Giants."

You talked a couple days ago about offensive alignments and spacing and things that needed to change. I think particular to the passing game, offensive coordinator Geep Chryst talked about making major changes for this week.

"I don't know if I'd say major."

OK, I'm sorry. He actually took it back. He said major and then said he wouldn't say major. So, you're on the same page.


But anyway, I think some people would look at that and say hey was this team not ready the first four weeks? Why are we talking about--?

"No. That's my point. The biggest thing that I asked for was just fine-tune the focus. Let's not, we've got, you go through your checklist every week. Every team in the league, that's nothing new. But, step back and let's just look at things in a finer way, a different way."

Regarding WR Anquan Boldin, part of what makes him great is his passion. And he's been passionate in expressing his frustration, particularly last week. He did it a lot. Is that just who he is and you don't say anything to him? You just let him play and express himself the way he's always done?

"He's had a great week of practice. It's been awesome watching them all get after it. And he is passionate. And he is a terrific football player. It's been just, you know, he's been focused and rolling and just like Anquan always is."