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49ers in the air, off to New York...or New Jersey

The San Francisco 49ers are officially airborne, and headed east to face the New York Giants. As usual, the team tweeted out some pictures from their flight. I've posted a couple tweets down below.

They mentioned going to the Big Apple, but I'm curious if they stay across the river in New Jersey. After all, the Giants play in New Jersey, not New York. And why deal with potential tunnel traffic to get over to New Jersey on Sunday? I am sort of joking, as it is amusing considering the New York, New Jersey thing. When the Super Bowl was up there, New Jersey people were pissed they kept calling it a New York Super Bowl, and New York people were pissed they had to go over to New Jersey for the game.

The 49ers and Giants are kicking off at 8:30 p.m. ET, so it will be interesting to see how the west coast team comes out of the gate. Jet lag is always something to consider, but when the game is that late, it should not really be something of significant to consider. Whatever the case, the team is off to New York/Jersey.