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49ers trade rumors: Joe Staley added into the mix by Jason LaCanfora

The San Francisco 49ers are in a position to do some dealing before Tuesday's trade deadline. Will they do some trading?

The NFL trade deadline is two days away, set to go down at 1 p.m. PT on Tuesday. The NFL does not have many trades outside of the NFL Draft, but that will not stop rumors from swirling. Thus far, the San Francisco 49ers have had Vernon Davis mentioned, but Jason LaCanfora decided to take this a sizable step further. LaCanfora suggested Joe Staley could very well end up getting moved before the deadline.

This tweet came after earlier word that the Cleveland Browns are considering dealing left tackle Joe Thomas and center Alex Mack. The Browns are struggling this season and rumors have them putting quite a few talented pieces on the market.

I'd be curious who passed along Staley's name to LaCanfora. He could have just made this up, but I can't imagine that is the case. My guess is the 49ers are floating it out there to see if they get some calls. It's also possible his agent got it out there as a way to ask for a trade without having to actually ask for it.

Staley and Davis are the two longest tenured 49ers at this point, but the team seems a ways away from being back in playoff contention. If it takes a year or two, both will be getting further up there in age. I do think Staley is a guy they could continue to build around, as he seems less likely to completely drop off like we have seen with Davis. But, if they can get some decent draft picks, I suppose it might make sense to move Staley.