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Colin Kaepernick misses the wide open receivers on blown Rams coverage

The San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams are doing everything they can to set offensive football back a few decades. Colin Kaepernick currently leads the game with 39 passing yards, and Todd Gurley leads with 15 rushing yards. I'm amazed the 49ers managed a field goal given how things have settled in.

We have had endless discussion about Kap's passing game struggles, and this is one more example. The 49ers were set up on first down inside their own five, looking for any kind of spark. As this video shows, the Rams messed up in their defensive formation, leaving Torrey Smith completely uncovered. I get that the 49ers had a play in mind to get some space, but Kap absolutely MUST have better awareness on this play. Even just a quick glimpse out of the side of his eye before snapping the ball. Just something, anything, because Smith had 97 yards of open field in front of him.

This kind of thing is why Kap can be so frustrating as a quarterback.