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How would you rank the 2016 NFL Draft prospect quarterbacks?

The San Francisco 49ers are probably going to be looking for a new quarterback in the 2016 NFL Draft. How would you rank the top prospects?

The San Francisco 49ers find themselves in quite the situation. The team benched Colin Kaepernick this past week for the Atlanta Falcons game, and on Monday, announced Blaine Gabbert will get a second consecutive start against the Seattle Seahawks following the upcoming bye week.

My own thought is that we have seen the last of Colin Kaepernick as the San Francisco 49ers. I think we see him released or traded this offseason, and the 49ers move forward looking for new options at the position. Blaine Gabbert is signed for one more year, and I could see them adding another veteran to compete.

The team currently has rookie Dylan Thompson on the practice squad, but if Kap is in fact released or traded, odds seem pretty good the team drafts a quarterback in the 2016 NFL Draft. That means we'll have plenty of analysis about the position between now and next April.

We'll be doing plenty of film breakdown in the winter and spring, but I wanted to start with something fairly simple. We haven't used this polling format in a while, but this seemed a good time to bring it back. Ignore the reference to the "big board", as that is the generic content that I can't change on this. Simply put, rank the top five quarterbacks from this upcoming class. I am sure I missed some lower level names, but this should have the bulk of the big names. 1 represents who you want most.

I know plenty of people have not seen enough tape on these quarterbacks, but considering this is far from a scientific poll, just vote what you think for now. We'll be doing this at least a couple more times, once after bowl season, and again closer to the draft.