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Jim Tomsula will not commit to Blaine Gabbert starting QB beyond Seahawks game

Will Colin Kaepernick start another game for the 49ers season? It seems unlikely, but Jim Tomsula will not commit to a starting quarterback beyond Week 11.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback situation remains in flux to a certain degree. After Sunday's win over the Atlanta Falcons, head coach Jim Tomsula would not comment on his starter for the Week 11 matchup with the Seattle Seahawks. A day later, Tomsula said he was going to speak with his coaches and quarterbacks before an announcement was made. The team formally announced the decision Monday evening.

On Tuesday, Tomsula made his regular bi-weekly appearance on KNBR, and discussed the quarterback situation. He said that Gabbert would start, but would not commit to anything beyond the Seahawks game. He said he understood the desire from everyone to know what was going on, but his philosophy was to only focus on the next game on the schedule.

The decision to start Gabbert against the Seahawks was not surprising. He had a solid enough game against the Falcons, and would seem to have earned another opportunity. Furthermore, if the team is trying to figure out what this offense is about without Colin Kaepernick, a road game in Seattle is as good a test case as any. The Seahawks defense is not as good as it has been in the past, but it is still a stout unit. Getting Gabbert out against that group will give us more context than a solid game against the Falcons less than stellar defense.

I decided to include a poll to see what people think about the 49ers QB situation the rest of the way. Specifically, will Colin Kaepernick start a game for the 49ers the rest of this season?