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Kurt Warner discusses Colin Kaepernick footwork issues

ESPN is running a seven-part series of articles breaking down the state of young quarterbacks in the NFL, and on Tuesday they got to a section on Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, and Colin Kaepernick. The three of them are the most notable members of the 2011 quarterback class, and entered this season at a bit of a cross-roads. Through nine weeks, Kap has been benched, Newton is getting MVP consideration with numbers that are not exactly lights out, and Andy Dalton is doing strong work running the offense of an unbeaten team.

The article took interesting angles to each of the quarterbacks, and I highly recommend giving it a read. For Colin Kaepernick, the author spoke with Kurt Warner. Kap worked with Warner and two quarterback coaches this offseason, in hopes of improving his skillset. However, his own struggles coupled with a questionable offensive line, and sometimes questionable play-calling have resulted in his benching.

Warner focused on problem with Kap's footwork. He talked about a play against Green Bay in which Kap threw the ball into the ground instead of completing an easy dump-off to Reggie Bush. He talked about Kap's touchdown pass to Quinton Patton against the Baltimore Ravens. Kap made a fantastic throw in spite of poor footwork, but he also missed an open option and panicked in a clean pocket.

There is a lot for Kap to work on, but when things like this pop up over and over again, it can grow frustrating. These kinds of issues are but just a couple the many reasons Kap has found himself benched. Some of the reasons are on him, some are not. Whatever the case, the whole situation remains a mess on and off the field.

I highly recommend giving this article a read.