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Anthony Davis makes it clear he is working out to get ready for the 2016 season

The right side of the San Francisco 49ers offensive line has been a mess this season. Andrew Tiller might finally get a chance in Week 11 to start at right guard, but that would still leave Erik Pears starting at right tackle. When the 49ers signed Pears, the thought was that he would be a swing tackle, although he might also have competed for the starting right guard spot. Then, Anthony Davis retired and the 49ers were left with Pears starting at right tackle.

Since retiring, Davis has said it is a short-term thing, and that he plans on returning in 2016. He has spoken about wanting to get his body right. People have speculated about his retirement timing given all the turnover, but if he returns to football in 2016 then the recovery reasoning makes that much more sense.

Whatever the case, people have been asking him numerous questions on social media. Last week, he got this question, and I figured I'd share his response.

Davis says he'll return, but given that he quit last year, I think it is reasonable to think he could always change his mind again. I do think he will be back, but given how crazy this year has been, I'm not getting my hopes up about anything.