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Throwback Thursday: You can control Joe Montana with Game Gear

Forget Montana on the Sega Genesis, it's all about Game Gear

With a bye week, it means we can have a bit more fun with Throwback Thursday. That is, of course, my reasoning when I found this.

Back in the early 90s, Joe Montana was a mascot for Sega, the only company with any sort of chance of beating Nintendo. Nintendo had Mario and Link, Sega had a hedgehog and a football player. Why do I lump Montana into Sega's mascots? Because Joe Montana's Sports Talk Football (article coming soon...I promise, stop emailing me) was something that sold systems. You didn't get Madden on every console like today. Back then, it was console-exclusive titles. Well, until Madden came along on both Genesis and Super Nintendo in the mid 90s to ignite the video game violence controversy because an ambulance rushed onto the field...errr, that's another story (Read: Mortal Kombat).

Anyways, along with the Genesis, Sega had this nifty little handheld device called the Game Gear that competed directly with Nintendo's Game Boy. Much like any handheld today (*cough* Playstation Vita *cough*), going up against Nintendo in the handheld market meant a quick demise. The Game Gear however, did pretty well against the Gameboy. Unfortunately, for every positive the system had, it had a negative. Color screen? Cool, look at it suck away six AA batteries in a matter of hours. Awesome Graphics? Cool, look at it make bleeps and blops even the Gameboy wasn't obsolete enough to make.

But regardless, Sega had Montana, Montana had his football game, and his football game got this commercial. I don't know about you guys, but Montana actually seems like a pretty competent actor in his commercials. And the game really wasn't that bad either. Not as good as it's home console counterpart, but I could see myself playing this on the go.

Nice reception too...