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Patrick Willis rumored to be considering 49ers comeback

Let's not get too excited, but rumors are percolating that Patrick Willis is considering a comeback.

Well, this is certainly something. Bleacher Report's Jason Cole is reporting a source told him Patrick Willis considering a comeback next year with the San Francisco 49ers. He pointed out that Willis is still figuring out his toe issue, but Cole says Willis is at least considering a comeback.

I spoke with Jennifer Lee Chan, as she tweeted she had heard some similar buzz, but her source was doubtful that it would happen. It has been discussed, but again, her source was doubtful about it. Given the issues with his toe, it is understandable that the 49ers might be hesitant to expect anything regarding a potential return.

Of course, if the 49ers did get Willis back, that would certainly be intriguing. If that toe was back to 100 percent, a year away from the game could potentially be regenerative to his body. Willis will turn 31 in January. While 30 is a notable age for NFL players, it is still young enough for a player of Willis' caliber to potentially make a significant comeback.

But again, let's hold off getting excited about this.