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This Anthony Davis tweet about Michael Crabtree is something

This tweet popped up Wednesday afternoon, and I've been meaning to share it for a little while now. The Oakland Raiders tweeted out a video of Michael Crabtree making a one-handed catch. Plenty of one-handed catches happen, but it shows off the grip on his hands, the way he hauls it in. It's pretty impressive.

This resulted in Anthony Davis tweeting the video with a comment of his own. He said Crabtree would do this in practice, "then came to the huddle pissed off about placement of the ball." Some people read this as talking smack about Crabtree, but honestly, I am having a hard time interpreting this tweet. I think part of my confusion was some people seemed to think he was talking Crabtree being pissed off during games about ball placement. I was reading this as pissy in practice, but I don't know if he's just dogging Crabtree, or what exactly. Any thoughts?