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Scouting 49ers scouts: College games the team attended Week 10

Niners Nation highlights and profiles the 2016 NFL draft-eligible prospects from college football games 49ers' scouts attended during Week 10.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We are continuing our weekly series, Scouting 49ers' Scouts, where each week we will highlight some of the draft-eligible players from the games 49ers' scouts were credentialed. The Internet, and Twitter in particular, provide some insight into where NFL teams are sending scouts for college football games. We will likely never know the full list of games, but it does give us some insight.

Thanks to the folks at's College Football 24/7, we have a look at some of the Week 10 action where 49ers' scouts were credentialed to attend.

Week 10

Baylor at Kansas State

The 49ers were 1 of 20 teams in attendance for the Baylor vs. Kansas State match-up. Baylor is highlighting several intriguing draft prospects definitely worth keeping an eye on. On the offensive side of the ball there are three prospects 49ers' scouts are likely targeting in RB Shock Linwood, No. 32; WR Corey Coleman, No. 1; and OT Spencer Drango, No. 58.

Other than an impressive first name, RB Shock Linwood displays amazing speed, quickness, burst, agility, and athleticism. Shock, a junior, is undersized at 5'8", but brings great power behind his pads and stays low to the ground showcasing good vision, impressive cuts, and the burst and speed to pull away from defenders. Linwood's stats eight games in: 134 rushes for 1,046 yards, averaging 7.8 yards per carry with 9 touchdowns, 6 receptions for 52 yards, averaging 8.7 yards per reception with 1 touchdown.

WR Corey Coleman, a junior, is one of the top deep threats in the nation. Although Coleman is only 5'10", his elite speed (4.38 40), joy stick agility, ball skills, and athleticism are fantastic. His athleticism is off the charts with an amazing 45-inch vertical, 11-foot-3-inch broad jump, and a solid 6.62 seconds in the three-come drill (change of direction, explosion, and lateral agility). In 2014, Coleman finished up the season with 64 receptions, 1,119 yards, averaging 17.5 yards, and 11 TD catches. In only eight games into the 2015 season, Coleman is at 58 receptions, 1,178 yards, averaging 20.3 yards per reception, and 20 touchdown catches.

OT/OG Spencer Drango showcases great size (6'6" - 310 lbs.), length, agility, power, good technique, and sound awareness. Although not overly athletic, Drango displays impressive foot quickness, patience, and hand usage in pass protection, as well as being an aggressive mauler driving defenders in the run game. Drango, the three-time Academic All-Big 12 Honoree, is likely to be kicked in at guard at the next level.

On the defensive side of the ball there are two players 49ers' scouts are likely targeting in DT Andrew Billings, No. 75 and DE Shawn Oakman, No. 2.

DT Andrew Billings, a junior, is a high-motor tenacious athlete with tremendous power to his game. A weight room phenom (805 lbs. squat, 500 lbs. bench press, and 705 lbs. deadlift), Billings harnesses his strength to collapse the pocket and showcases impressive quickness. Billings would make a great nose guard in the 49ers' scheme as a stout run defender in the middle easily capable of occupying blocks and providing the quickness and speed to be extremely disruptive in the backfield. Billings' stats six games in: 21 tackles, 8 tackles for loss, 1 sack, and 1 forced fumble.

DE Shawn Oakman is an eye-popping jaw-dropping humongous athlete coming in at 6'9" - 280 pounds. Besides the obvious size and strength Oakman bestows, he also showcases tremendous length, quickness, burst, agility, and power. A physical terror on the field, Oakman uses great burst off the line of scrimmage, quickly engages offensive lineman with aggressive and violent hands, and utilizes his amazing arm length to gain separation. Although he has very good speed, Oakman relies heavily on his power and agility to get into the backfield. A disruptive force, he showcases a high motor and an aggressive style of play. Oakman is an ideal 3-4 defensive end in the 49ers' scheme, but his continued growth and foot speed could make him more versatile. Oakman's stats seven games in: 27 tackles, 11 tackles for loss, 4 sacks, and 2 force fumbles.

Another Baylor prospect to keep an eye on is WR Jay Lee, No. 4.

* = indicates junior status
** = indicates redshirt sophomore status


RB *Shock Linwood, No. 32, 5'8 - 195 lbs., 4.44 40 - (6th)
WR *Corey Coleman, No. 1, 5'10 - 190 lbs., 4.38 40 - (1st-2nd)
WR Jay Lee, No. 4, 6'2 - 215 lbs., 4.57 40 - (7th-UFA)
TE LaQuan McGowan, No. 80, 6'6 - 392 lbs., 5.57 40 - (UFA)
OT Pat Colbert, No. 69, 6'5 - 305 lbs., 5.27 40 - (UFA)
OT Spencer Drango, No. 58, 6'6 - 310 lbs., 5.14 40 - (1st-2nd) Had back surgery November 2013.
OG Blake Muir, No. 73, 6'5 - 310 lbs., 5.26 40 - (UFA) Transfer from Hawaii.
OG Jarell Broxton, No. 61, 6'4 - 330 lbs., 5.43 40 - (UFA)
DT *Andrew Billings, No. 75, 6'1 - 300 lbs., 5.04 40 - (1st)
DT Beau Blackshear, No. 95, 6'3 - 300 lbs., 5.19 40 - (UFA)
DE Shawn Oakman, No. 2, 6'9 - 280 lbs., 4.88 40 - (2nd) Dismissed from Penn State for violation of team rules. Suspend first game in 2015 for a violation of team rules.
DE Jamal Palmer, No. 92, 6'2 - 240 lbs., 4.78 40 - (UFA)
CB Terrell Burt, No. 13, 5'10 - 185 lbs., 4.52 40 - (UFA)

Kansas State has two draft-eligible prospects worth noting in OT Cody Whitehair, No. 55 and FB Glenn Gronkowski, No. 48.

OT/OG Cody Whitehair is a strong thick built offensive lineman with tremendous power, agility, and toughness. The very well coached Whitehair shows excellent awareness and instincts for the position, the versatility to play all over the offensive line, and the sound technique to be a force in the run and pass game. He does not have ideal size (6'3"), which will likely make him an interior offensive lineman at the next level, and one of the top guards in this years' draft. Whitehair shows good bend and maintains solid leverage, quickness and heavy hands at the point of attack, a nice wide base, and a nasty mauler mentality that finishes his blocks.

The junior, FB Glenn Gronkowski, is the youngest of the five Gronkowski brothers (four years younger than his Super Bowl winning brother Rob), and is regarded as the top fullback prospect in the nation. Gronkowski, known as Goose, displays excellent combination of size (6'3"), speed, and athleticism. He excels as a blocker, and even though he gets a limited amount of opportunities in a heavy-run offense, Gronkowski possesses reliable soft hands as a receiver. Gronkowski's stats seven games in: 3 receptions, 29 yards, averaging 9.7 yards per reception, 1 touchdown, 8 rushes, 30 yards, and averaging 3.8 yards per rush.

Two other Kansas State layers to keep an eye on are: CB Danzel McDaniel, No. 7 and SS Dante Barnett, No. 22.

Kansas State

FB *Glenn Gronkowski, No. 48, 6'3 - 234 lbs., 4.74 40 - (4th) Younger brother to Rob Gronkowski.
WR Kyle Klein, No. 81, 6'4 - 210 lbs., 4.68 40 - (UFA)
OT Cody Whitehair, No. 55, 6'3 - 309 lbs., 5.08 40 - (2nd)
OT Matt Kleinsorge, No. 65, 6'5 - 306 lbs., 5.36 40 - (UFA)
OG Boston Stiverson, No. 77, 6'4 - 312 lbs., 5.58 40 - (UFA)
OG Luke Hayes, No. 68, 6'5 - 295 lbs., 5.30 40 - (UFA)
DT Travis Britz, No. 95, 6'3 - 293 lbs., 5.21 40 - (UFA)
CB Morgan Burns, No. 33, 5'11 - 195 lbs., 4.39 40 - (UFA)
CB Danzel McDaniel, No. 7, 6'1 - 205 lbs., 4.64 40 - (7th-UFA)
SS Dante Barnett, No. 22, 6'0 - 190 lbs., 4.67 40 - (7th-UFA)

Mississippi State vs. Missouri

The 49ers were 1 of 17 teams in attendance for the Mississippi State vs. Missouri match-up, and two 49ers' scouts were credentialed to attend. Mississippi State has three defensive weapons 49ers' scouts are likely targeting in junior DT Chris Jones, No. 96; CB Will Redmond, No. 2; and CB Taveze Calhoun, No. 23.

DT Chris Jones showcases an impressive combination of size (6'5" - 308 lbs.), quickness, strength, and athleticism. Jones, a former basketball star, is looking to have a breakout season as a starter replacing last years' phenom, Preston Smith. Jones is a raw athlete with amazing power in his game, impressive quickness for a man his size, shows good penetration with quickness and power, and a stout base stacking and shedding with good awareness and instincts. Jones is a good fit as a 3-4 defensive end in the 49ers scheme, as well as having the versatility to play nose guard. Jones' stats eight games in: 24 tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, and 1 pass deflection.

CB Will Redmond displays elite speed (4.38 40), athleticism, and plays physical with good coverage and ball skills, and brings value in the return game. He needs to improve his tackling and consistency. A naturally gifted athlete, Redmond shows nice hip fluidity, solid awareness and instincts, and utilizes his elite speed to stay on the receiver's hip pocket. Unfortunately, a few weeks back, Redmond tore his ACL and is out for the rest of the season. Redmond is a #BaalkeDelight candidate. Redmond's stats six games in: 20 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 1 pass deflection.

CB Taveze Calhoun brings a good combination of size (6'1"), speed, toughness, and athleticism. A thumper as a corner, Calhoun displays his physicalness in run support and shows good patience and instincts in coverage. Calhoun also has underrated ball skills, has a nose for the ball, and brings value on special teams. Calhoun stats seven games in: 22 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, 2 interceptions, and 5 pass deflections.

Two other Mississippi State players on the offensive side of the ball worth noting are QB Dak Prescott, No. 15 and junior WR De'Runnya Wilson, No. 1.

QB Dak Prescott is a solid mobile quarterback with an improved game in the pocket. He shows good awareness and the capability to go through his progressions, but also explodes out of the pocket using his agility and athleticism to be a playmaker on the field. Prescott displays a good strong arm, nice touch on his throws, patience in the pocket, and is a dual-threat playmaker. Prescott's stats nine games in: 200/300 with a 66.7% completion percentage, 2,351 yards, and an 18/1 touchdown to interception ratio.

WR De'Runnya Wilson displays a nice combination of size (6'4" - 225 lbs. - Hello Red Zone target), length, athleticism, and physicality. Wilson displays toughness as a blocker and is a good pass catching possession type receiver. He needs to become more consistent in his overall game, mainly in contested catches, in order to be considered a high draft pick. Wilson's stats nine games in: 36 receptions, 613 yards, averaging 17 yards per reception, and 8 touchdowns.

Mississippi State

QB Dak Prescott, No. 15, 6'2 - 230 lbs., 4.72 40 - (3rd-4th)
WR *De'Runnya Wilson, No. 1, 6'4 - 225 lbs., 4.64 40 - (2nd-3rd) Arrested March 2015 with possession of marijuana second degree and possession of drug paraphernalia.
TE Darrion Hutcherson, No. 84, 6'6 - 260 lbs., 4.86 40 - (UFA)
OG Justin Malone, No. 70, 6'6 - 320 lbs., 5.37 40 - (UFA)
DT *Chris Jones, No. 96, 6'5 - 308 lbs., 5.12 40 - (2nd-3rd)
DE Ryan Brown, No. 48, 6'6 - 262 lbs., 4.92 40 - (UFA)
CB Will Redmond, No. 2, 6'0 - 185 lbs., 4.45 40 - (2nd-3rd) Out for the year with a torn ACL.
CB Taveze Calhoun, No. 23, 6'1 - 185 lbs., 4.53 40 - (4th-5th)
FS Kendrick Market, No. 26, 5'10 - 188 lbs., - (UFA) Out for the year with a torn ACL.

Missouri showcases a couple of draft-edible offensive lineman to keep an eye on in OT Connor McGovern, No. 60 and C Evan Boehm, No. 77.

OT/OG Connor McGovern is a very smart versatile offensive lineman, capable of playing both guard and tackle spots. McGovern is playing left tackle this year for Missouri, but will likely kick inside to guard at the next level. McGovern displays a great combination of size (6'4"), strength, speed, and athleticism. A weight room junkie, McGovern's power is impressive with a squat of a maximum 750 pounds (can squat 690 pounds five times), hang cleans more than 400 pounds, and does 40 reps on the bench at 225 pounds. Moreover, his athleticism is amazing for a man his size with 4.90 40 speed and a 34-inch vertical. McGovern displays great power and heavy hands at the point of attack, good bend, and his athleticism in lateral movement and reaching the second level is impressive, although he needs to be more consistent on finishing blocks.

C Evan Boehm is a stout and strong prospect with a good combination of size, strength, and leadership for the center position. Boehm, a former high school wrestling champion, utilizes his tremendous power and sneaky speed to dominate on the inside. Boehm is very quick at the point of attack and quickly latches on with violent hands utilizing his strength to overpower and drive defenders away from the action.

NFL rookie offensive lineman typically take a good year to get adjusted to the rigors and strength needed to be successful at the next level. Let us hope former 49ers, Justin Smith (Missouri's new assistant strength coach), is able to help speed up the process for these two prospects who are already weight room junkies.

On the defensive side of the ball for Missouri, keep an eye on ILB Kentrell Brothers, No. 10 and CB Kenya Dennis, No. 7.

ILB Kentrell Brothers is a very impressive inside linebacker with solid skills defending the run, rushing the passer, and in pass coverage. Although Brothers' speed is not appealing, he utilizes his amazing instincts and awareness to be a dominating force in the middle for the Tigers. An underrated prospect and playmaker, Brothers is a tackling machine and excels in all aspects of the game. Moreover, Brothers displays solid production. Brothers' stats nine games in: 117 tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, 2 interceptions, 1 pass deflection, and 1 forced fumble.

CB Kenya Dennis showcases a good combination of size (6'0"), speed (4.38 40), and athleticism, with solid awareness in coverage, and impressive aggressive skills in run support. Dennis has good length (long arms), which helps in press coverage, but he does display some minor stiffness in his hips and at times lacks the necessary recovery speed and fluidity needed. Dennis' ideal position for the next level is likely a move to safety. Dennis' stats 29 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 1 interception, and 3 pass deflections.


RB Russell Hansbrough, No. 32, 5'8 - 195 lbs., 4.52 40 - (UFA)
OT Connor McGovern, No. 60, 6'4 - 304 lbs., 4.90 40 - (6th)
C Evan Boehm, No. 77, 6'3 - 320 lbs., 5.15 40 - (4th-5th)
ILB Kentrell Brothers, No. 10, 6'0 - 238 lbs., 4.86 40 - (2nd-3rd)
CB Kenya Dennis, No. 7, 6'0 - 200 lbs., 4.38 40 - (7th)

Florida State vs. Clemson

The 49ers were 1 of 6 teams in attendance for the Florida State vs. Clemson match-up. Florida State has a few draft-eligible prospects but one in particular is definitely a highly regarded player in junior CB Jalen Ramsey, No. 8.

CB Jalen Ramsey is an absolute playmaker with the ideal combination of size (6'1"), speed, and athleticism. He is a physical defender bringing toughness and aggressiveness in run support, impressive blitzer off the edge, and an excellent tackler. Ramsey's size and fluidity makes him a great match-up in coverage, where he can utilize his length and aggressiveness in press, and solid instincts and awareness with a great burst in zone. The shut-down corner also shows impressive versatility to play the boundary, slot, and the safety position. Ramsey, a sure fire first rounder, will likely be one of the top cornerbacks selected in the 2016 NFL Draft. Ramsey's stats nine games in: 37 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 8 pass deflections, and 1 fumble recovery.

DT Nile Lawrence-Stample, No. 99, is a run stuffer with great power and leverage at the point of attack and is very difficult to move off his spot. Lawrence-Stample also possesses impressive foot quickness, showing nice lateral movement, solid short area quickness causing havoc in collapsing the pocket and has the sneaky athleticism to beat offensive lineman one-on-one. The plugging run stuffer and gap occupier is best suited as a nose guard in the 49ers 3-4 defensive scheme. Lawrence-Stample's stats eight games in: 24 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, and 1 pass deflection.

K Roberto Aguayo, No. 19, a junior, is one of the top kicking draft-eligible prospects in a very long time. Also known as, "Mr. Perfect", the former soccer player and 2013 Lou Groza Award Winner (Best Kicker) and All-American Honors in 2014 is a perfectionist with a very strong work ethic and could very likely be a top 100 prospect. Aguayo is in a down year in comparison to years prior, currently kicking a field goal percentage of a meager 79%, where he was kicking at 90% in 2014 and 96% in 2013. For the first time in Aguayo's career, he has missed consecutive field goal attempts and is currently in a slump. If he is able to return to form, his confidence should help improve his game.

Other notable Florida State players to keep an eye on are: OLB Terrance Smith, No. 24; ILB Reggie Northrup, No. 5; and DT Derrick Mitchell Jr., No. 11.

Florida State

QB Everett Golson, No. 6, 5'11 - 200 lbs., 4.73 40 - (UFA) Transfer from Notre Dame. Missed the 2013 season at Notre Dame due to academic violation.
DT Nile Lawrence-Stample, No. 99, 6'1 - 302 lbs., 5.24 40 - (5th)
DT Derrick Mitchell Jr., No. 11, 6'3 - 307 lbs., 5.02 40 - (7th-UFA)
OLB Terrance Smith, No. 24, 6'3 - 232 lbs., 4.64 40 - (5th-6th)
ILB Reggie Northrup, No. 5, 6'1 - 226 lbs. 4.73 40 - (7th-UFA) Coming off January 2014 knee (ACL) injury.
CB *Jalen Ramsey, No. 8, 6'1 - 202 lbs., 4.49 40 - (1st)
FS Lamarcus Brutus, No. 42, 6'0 - 208 lbs., 4.66 40 - (UFA)
SS Tyler Hunter, No. 1, 5'11 - 205 lbs., 4.57 40 - (UFA)
K *Roberto Aguayo, No. 19, 6'1 - 205 lbs., 4.96 40 - (3rd)
P Cason Beatty, No. 38, 6'3 - 224 lbs., 5.12 40 - (UFA)

Clemson will likely have several senior priority free agent rookies going into next years' draft, but there are four underclassmen 49ers' scouts are definitely targeting in WR Mike Williams, No. 7; DE Shaq Lawson, No. 90; CB Mackensie Alexander, No. 2; and SS Jayron Kearse, No. 1. I believe if those four underclassmen declare, they are likely first round to second value picks.

WR Mike Williams, apparently a popular wide receiver name, has a great combination of size (6'4"), length, deep speed, smoothness, and athleticism. The junior wide receiver is out for the year suffering from an small fracture in the neck after he rammed his head into the goal post on a touchdown catch during the season opener. Williams is extremely talented with great length, ball skills, and speed (he gets to top speed very fast) and is a knockout big play vertical threat with solid hands. Williams stats from 2014: 57 receptions, 1,030 yards, averaging 18.1 yards per reception, and 6 touchdowns. In one game in 2015, Williams had 2 receptions, for 20 yards, and 1 touchdown.

The junior, DE Shaq Lawson, displays impressive strength at the point of attack, great at setting the edge, and amazing burst, power, fluidity, speed, and athleticism coming off the edge. Lawson played great against one of the top ranked tackles in Ronnie Stanley, beating him with power and speed. Lawson would fit in the 49ers' defensive scheme as a 3-4 outside linebacker, and with his continued rise in performance and production, look for him to be highly targeted by the 49ers, provided he declares. Draft stock moving up. Lawson's stats nine games in: 36 tackles, 13.5 tackles for loss, and 6.5 sacks.

CB Mackensie Alexander, a redshirt sophomore, is one of the top cornerbacks in college. Alexander is an aggressive corner with excellent fluidity and ball skills, tremendous coverage ability, and does not get challenged much, since opposing quarterback tend to avoid him. The shut down corner displays great patience, solid speed, good size, lightning quick feet, and and attitude every shut down corner thrives upon, a solid game to back up his confidence. Alexander's stats eight games in: 16 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, and 3 pass deflections.

SS Jayron Kearse, a junior strong safety, displays an excellent combination of size (6'4" - 210 lbs.), speed, physicality, and athleticism for the position. The nephew of the freak athlete, Jevon Kearse, and the cousin of former NFL defensive back, Phillip Buchanon, Jayron comes from NFL bloodlines, but one aspect of his game he truly takes advantage of is his amazing length (very long arms). Jayron's lanky build also helps him cover a lot of ground with great range, solid closing speed, excellent ball skills, and a force in run support and blitzes. He will likely need to add more muscle at the next level, but Kearse's potential is very high. Kearse's stats eight games in: 36 tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss, 1 interception, 3 pass deflections, 1 fumble recovery, and 1 forced fumble.


WR *Mike Williams, No. 7, 6'3 - 210 lbs., 4.54 40 - (2nd)
WR Charone Peake, No. 19, 6'2 - 205 lbs., 4.43 40 - (UFA)
TE Stanton Seckinger, No. 81, 6'5 - 242 lbs., 4.82 40 - (UFA)
OT Joe Gore, No. 73, 6'5 - 292 lbs., 5.06 40 - (UFA)
OG Eric Mac Lain, No. 78, 6'4 - 305 lbs., 5.09 40 - (UFA)
C Ryan Norton, No. 58, 6'3 - 286 lbs., 5.17 40 - (UFA)
DT D.J. Reader, No. 48, 6'2 - 325 lbs., 5.04 40 - (UFA) Walked away from football for personal reasons. Came back and missed the first six games of the season. Took personal leave to address "a mental issue" in regard to overcoming the emotional toll of losing his father to kidney failure in 2014.
DE *Shaq Lawson, No. 90, 6'3 - 275 lbs., 4.67 40 - (1st)
ILB B.J. Goodson, No. 44, 6'0 - 250 lbs., 4.79 40 - (UFA)
CB **Mackensie Alexander, No. 2, 5'10 - 195 lbs., 4.43 40 - (1st)
SS *Jayron Kearse, No. 1, 6'4 - 210 lbs., 4.54 40 - (1st)

Week 10: Practices

Midwestern State

Scouts for the 49ers were in attendance for the practices at Midwestern State University on November 4, 2015. The likely draft-eligible player targeted was SS Marqui Christian, No. 1.

SS Marqui Christian is a thumper of a safety and shows a good combination of size, speed, and athleticism. Christian also displays sound awareness, great football IQ, versatility, relentless motor, physical playing style, excellent range, and a sound tackler. Christian's stats ten games in: 79 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 fumble recovery.

SS Marqui Christian, No. 1, 6'0 - 200 lbs., 4.62 40 - (7th) Riser