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2016 NFL Draft order: 49ers win over Falcons drops them in FO odds

The San Francisco 49ers are likely going to end up with a decent first round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. We break down where the odds currently stack up through nine weeks.

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Atlanta Falcons in Week 9, dropping them in the potential draft order. The 49ers currently sit at No. 8, but with their bye week, things will shake out a bit more. A Cowboys win over the Bucs would help the 49ers, while losses by any of the six 3-5 teams will hurt the 49ers.

Football Outsiders released their latest round of playoff and NFL Draft odds. On the draft side of things, the 49ers slipped to fifth best odds for the No. 1 overall pick, and a top three pick. The 49ers entered last week with 15.6 percent odds of claiming the No. 1 pick, and 46.4 percent odds of claiming a top three pick. The win over Atlanta decreased those odds to 4.8 percent and 24.5 percent, respectively.

Bovada is currently taking wagers on the No. 1 overall pick, and they give the 49ers the fifth best odds of getting that pick. The odds shake out as follows heading into Week 10:

Detroit Lions: +225
Cleveland Browns: +325
San Diego Chargers: +600
Tennessee Titans: +600
San Francisco 49ers: +700
Jacksonville Jaguars: +800
Baltimore Ravens: +2000
Chicago Bears: +2000

The 49ers strength of schedule is currently second most difficult through nine weeks. The Dallas Cowboys are No. 1 at .567, with the 49ers at .545, and the Lions and Washington behind them at .542 and .530, respectively. If the 49ers are going to get some quality draft positioning, they will just need to keep on losing games. Of course, they face a weaker schedule in the second half, which could mean a handful more wins.