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Golden Nuggets: Bye weeks are boring

Your 49ers links for Saturday, November 14th 2015

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone, hope you're all  ready for a football without the San Francisco 49ers. For some of you, this clears up your Sunday to actually be productive (maybe a trip to Home Depot?). For the rest, it's still football as usual, whether for fantasy teams, watching the elite teams play high scoring slug fests (and us getting jealous of all the players they have) or following second-favorites. There's actually some interesting match ups on Sunday that I'm looking forward to seeing. I'm sure we're going to hear about Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert somewhere in all of this, so I doubt it will be devoid of 49er news. For some reason though, this weekend, I want a 49er game. Yes, you can say that every week, but this week in particular, I wish they were on.

I have no idea why this weekend of all the others football is played, is the one I want a game.

Oh well!

Let's get to the links:

In praise of Eric Mangini and his work with 49ers defense (Grant Cohn)

Good read, despite any feelings you may have towards Mike Singletary: What we didn't know about Singletary's 49ers tenure

I actually wondered what he'd be like as an offensive lineman. Didn't think they'd actually do it though: Jets sign Lawrence Okoye to practice squad, as offensive lineman

Gannon: 49ers no longer able to mask Kap's deficiencies

Anquan Boldin plans to keep playing (Florio)

In case you didn't know, the 49ers have a pretty good museum: The 49ers win! With a great museum, that is (Angela Hill)

Thank you Mrs. Celek!!!: Garrett Celek can thank his wife for the secret to his success

Let's check in on Paul G. He somehow fit the Raiders into this: How is former 49ers All-Pro Aldon Smith performing for the Raiders?

What a horrible night to have a curse...