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Saturday night open thread

Saturday is slowly winding to a close, and tomorrow will be another Sunday of football. The San Francisco 49ers are on their bye, so Sunday will provide a rare opportunity to relax. Well, if you are in the thick of your fantasy football playoffs, or you have wagers on some of the games, then maybe you won't relax as much. But the 49ers will not be playing, so there's always that.

What are your plans for the bye Sunday? Have you been able to relax a bit on this Saturday? I've caught a little bit of college football, but otherwise I've done some reading, and took a walk this afternoon. It's a chance to just unwind a bit before returning to the game week grind in a couple days. I'll be watching plenty of NFL action on Sunday, but it will be a bit more laid back. I've got five games where I'll be keeping an eye on the spread, so I suppose that will create a little bit of stress. But there won't be the normal work stress, which is a plus.

What do you have going on this bye weekend? If you are watching college football, head into this thread.