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Eddie DeBartolo interested in minority ownership stake in Oakland Raiders, according to Jason LaCanfora

The former San Francisco 49ers owner is interested in getting back into the NFL, and he reportedly is talking to one of their notable rivals.

Fooch's update: Stand down!

This is certainly something. CBS Sports NFL reporter Jason LaCanfora is reporting former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo is interested in getting back into the NFL. LaCanfora said sources have told him, DeBartolo is in talks with Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis about joining his ownership group.

LaCanfora emphasized DeBartolo's interest is not limited to the Raiders, and he has been connected with other teams in the past. Nonetheless, if DeBartolo ended up as a partial owner of the Raiders, it is safe to say that would have quite the impact on 49ers fans. I actually don't think it would create a cross-Bay rivalry, because I could see DeBartolo's inclusion helping get a Los Angeles deal done.

That being said, it would be a kick in the junk to 49ers fans to see the most beloved owner in franchise history join the Raiders. I'm curious how people would react to "Raiders owner Eddie DeBartolo". Would people turn on Eddie D, or would it just further enrage people to Jed York? If the 49ers keep struggling, I assume it would be the latter, but it would be a fascinating development.