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Exposed concrete at Edwards Jones Stadium prior to Rams-Bears

The exposed concrete that assisted in Reggie Bush's season ending injury has now been covered

After two significant injuries on the exposed raw concrete at Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, the Rams and the Stadium Authority have covered those areas. Various media reported it, and Rams beat writer Jim Thomas took a picture of the new surface.

As we reported via Jason LaCanfora, after a season ending injury to his MCL, Reggie Bush already hired a high profile lawyer, who has even represented his ex Kim Kardashian. Bush will most likely be suing for gross negligence, pain and suffering and loss of future earning potential/wages if he is not able to play next season.

It's unfortunate that it took two players getting injured on the slippery surface for the proper changes to be made, but I suppose better late than never.

Stadiums that have natural grass, including Levi's, usually have plastic tarps on the ground near the sidelines and benches so players don't "wear out the grass." Often you see players slide on them as they run out of bounds. I have always wondered why teams don't utilize a surface that has more traction. After the Bush's injury in St. Louis I asked former player and 49ers color analyst Tim Ryan why the surface is still used. He replied that the players union would have to get involved for that change to be invoked. Hopefully they don't wait until it causes a season ending injury for a player before they realize the hazard of plastic tarps near the field of play.