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NFL Draft order 2016: 49ers stick at 8, top changes

The San Francisco 49ers didn't pay, but did not take a hit to their draft position in the morning. Here is where things stand midway through Week 10.

The San Francisco 49ers are on bye week, but there is plenty to make out of Sunday's NFL action. The AM games are a wrap, and PM games are underway. I've decided to put together an updated draft order, and will update it further once the afternoon games are a wrap.

The 49ers remain in the No. 8 spot, although they did move a little closer to moving up in the order. The Jacksonville Jaguars win over the Baltimore Ravens moved them into a tie with the 49ers. Strength of schedule leaves the Jaguars one spot ahead of San Francisco.The 49ers could still move down, pending the afternoon and Monday scores. The Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans are both 3-5. The Chiefs are currently beating the Denver Broncos, and the Texans face the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday.

The big news was the Detroit Lions stunning the Green Bay Packers in Lambeau Field. The Lions improved to 2-7, and dropped from the No. 1 spot to the No. 5 spot. The Cleveland Browns hold the top spot with a 2-8 record, and will have their bye next week.

The Week 11 schedule opens the door for some 49ers movement up the draft board. The 3-6 Jaguars host the 2-7 Titans, and the 3-5 Chiefs host the 2-7 Chargers. There are several other matchups that could be intriguing for draft purposes, and of course, the 49ers travel north to face the Seahawks.

1. Cleveland Browns (2-8) - .518
2. Tennessee Titans (2-7) - .500
3. Baltimore Ravens (2-7) - .511
4. San Diego Chargers (2-7) - .514
5. Detroit Lions (2-7) - .529
6. Dallas Cowboys (2-7) - .566
7. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6) - .472
8. San Francisco 49ers (3-6) - .536
9. Kansas City Chiefs (3-5) - .504
10. Houston Texans (3-5) - .521