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Eddie DeBartolo, Mark Davis refute Raiders ownership stake report

It would seem for now that San Francisco 49ers fans can take a deep breath. After reports that Eddie DeBartolo was speaking with Mark Davis about getting into his Oakland Raiders ownership group, both Davis and DeBartolo have refuted the report. Davis told Tim Kawakami the report was not true, and DeBartolo's spokesperson sent this statement along:

The Davis comment to Kawakami was earlier in the day, while the DeBartolo statement was later in the afternoon. I am not entirely sure who would have leaked the DeBartolo information to Jason LaCanfora. I highly doubt he would have made this up out of thin air, but it would seem he got some bad information. Whomever gave it to him gave it to him for a reason, but I am not entirely sure what that reason was.

Whatever the case, at least for now we don't have to worry about Eddie joining up with the 49ers cross-bay rival. Stand down!