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Peyton Manning benched, Brock Osweiler gets second half chance

Peyton Manning is struggling in a big way. He will likely be back in the starting lineup in Week 11, but the Broncos have to look to the future this offseason, right? Could Colin Kaepernick be that future?

The Denver Broncos are taking one on the chin against the Kansas City Chiefs, trailing 22-0 heading into the fourth quarter. Things have gotten so ugly that the Broncos benched quarterback Peyton Manning. On the same day Manning surpassed Brett Favre as the NFL's all-time leading passer, he put together a performance that netted him a 0.0 QB rating. He was 5 of 20 for 35 yards, with four interceptions.

There is virtually no chance Manning is on the bench to start the Broncos game next week at the Chicago Bears. Brock Osweiler will finish out this loss to the Chiefs, and then return to his role as Manning's backup. Manning will finish out this season, but his struggles indicate he might retire following the season. If that happens, the Broncos will need to figure out their QB situation.

Enter tweets like this:

I have gotten several tweets in recent weeks asking if the Broncos would be interested in a deal for Colin Kaepernick. It remains to be seen what the team thinks of Osweiler as a long-term option. He very well could be John Elway's choice as the QB of the future. Or, the Broncos could find themselves looking for a new quarterback this offseason.

Could it be Colin Kaepernick? Sure, it is possible, but there is a whole lot to be figured out between now and April 1. Kap's 2016 base salary becomes fully guaranteed on that date. The 49ers best chance to trade Kap would likely come before that date. After that date, they lose a whole lot of leverage. It could make for a rather crazy few months once the season comes to an end.