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49ers fans remain pissy with Jed York

Former San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Mike Iupati suffered a scary injury Sunday evening, and was taken off the field in an ambulance. Reports indicate he has feeling in his extremities, so that is a good bit of news.

After the injury, people were tweeting out best wishes. 49ers CEO Jed York was among many to tweet best wishes for Big Mike. No big deal, right? Welp.......

I get that people are angry with Jed York. I understand that people are pissed with how the Jim Harbaugh situation went down, and how badly the team looks this year. I get all that.

But at some point people need to get a grip on the important things in life. You want to complain about Jed when the 49ers lose or make some bad football decision, so be it. But this tweet, and some of his retweets of late indicate some folks are taking this way too seriously. York has retweeted some stuff the last couple days since the Paris terror attacks, and some of the responses have been more complaining about the 49ers.

People need to get a grip when it comes to stuff other than whether or not the 49ers are playing well.