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Cardinals-Seahawks final score: Hahahahahahahaha

Sorry, Seahawks fans, but I can't help myself. The Seattle Seahawks were defeated at home by the Arizona Cardinals by a final score of 39-32. The Cardinals took a big early lead, blew it in ugly fashion, but bounced back strong late in the fourth quarter to get the huge divisional road win. The Cardinals improved to 7-2, while the Seahawks slipped to 4-5.

And yes, this means the Seahawks are only a game ahead of the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC West. The Cardinals are the clear-cut team to beat, while the rest of the division ranges between mediocre and bad. This tweet might sum up my feelings about the Seahawks pretty well.

The 49ers will head north to face the Seahawks next week. I would not be surprised to see the 49ers get beaten rather thoroughly, but given how this Seahawks team is playing, who knows. I think the Seahawks pass rush will be too much, and Blaine Gabbert will have a bad game. But, given that the 49ers are scuffling along, it almost makes it more fun. There is nothing to lose going into this game. Well, a win loses draft positioning, but you get what I mean. I want better draft positioning, but a stunning upset of the Seahawks would crack me up to no end.