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Colin Kaepernick had the highest selling NFL jersey at Dick's Sporting Goods on October 20

This might go down as the most random 49ers-related thing I will ever post on Niners Nation. The @Sportscenter Twitter account tweeted out this October calendar that features NFL jersey sales at Dick's Sporting Goods. It lists the highest selling jerseys by day, and on October 20, Colin Kaepernick had the highest selling jersey.

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Baltimore Ravens two days prior, with Kap putting together the best performance he had this season. I took a look back at the NN archives for that week, but nothing else jumped out. Maybe people just got a little excited following the win? I can't really think of any other reason because it was not a pretty month for Kap. I do not imagine we see his No. 7 49ers jersey showing up on some of these lists as the season moves along.