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Chris Myers, Ronde Barber calling 49ers-Seahawks means we need some kind of drinking game

Yep, the 49ers and Seahawks get two of the worst announcers in the business.

The San Francisco 49ers travel to face the Seattle Seahawks in Week 11, and we are going to be graced by the presence of Chris Myers and Ronde Barber in the announcer booth. They will call the game, and Jennifer Hale will be on the sideline. We'll have broadcast maps in the next day or two, but given these announcers, and Packers-Vikings taking place at the same time, it is safe to say this game will be mostly a regional broadcast.

The more important thing to note is that for the second straight game, 49ers fans get two of the poorer announcers calling the game. Myers and Barber called 49ers-Falcons before the bye, and it was pretty much a train wreck. They did not know who various players were, and they had some pretty awful mispronunciations of names. They referred to Arik Armstead as Arik Armstrong. They referred to Tony Jerod-Eddie as Tony Jerod-Ellie. They also mentioned how Jimmie Ward had just come off the practice squad, mistaking him with Marcus Cromartie and/or Chris Davis.

I would think a second straight game will result in improvement, but I am kind of hoping it is another awful performance by the duo. That's not to say that I wish ill upon Myers and Barber. But with the 49ers season circling the drain, any entertainment is good entertainment. And maybe we can come up with some kind of drinking game to play while Myers and Barber are calling the game. I think a drink is definitely in order every time Barber mixes correct and incorrect names. So, that would cover Jerod-Ellie, but if he just misidentifies a player in on a play, it doesn't count. Any other thoughts?