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Aldon Smith suspended one year for early August incident [Updated]

Fooch's update: ESPN has corrected the report to say it is related to his early August arrest while still with the 49ers. I'm not entirely sure how they came up with the August 28 date since nothing happened that day related to Aldon. This is interesting, to say the least.

Well, there you have it. After waiting for two and a half months, there is a significant resolution to Aldon Smith's status in the NFL. Adam Schefter is reporting Smith has been suspended for one year for his role in a previously unreported August 28 incident. This is unrelated to his arrest in early August that resulted in his release by the San Francisco 49ers. This suspension follows his nine game suspension last year for violations of the personal conduct policy and substance abuse policy.

I don't really know quite how to react to the situation, considering it is entirely separate from the incident that led to his release by the 49ers.Smith signed a one-year contract with the Oakland Raiders following his 49ers release, and he will become a free agent when the season ends. He is not eligible to play again until November 2016.

Ian Rapoport is reporting the Raiders are going to stick with Smith through his suspension. A year is a whole lot of time, and who knows what will happen between now and then. This situation would seemingly be very fluid, particularly considering this is a whole new incident of which we were previously unaware. Clearly Aldon still is dealing with some kind of issues, and so who knows where he is a year from now.