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I could legitimately start Blaine Gabbert in a fantasy football league this week

More often than not, nobody actually cares about other people's fantasy teams. People are interested in fantasy advice, rankings, and that kind of thing, but when someone starts talking specifically about their own team, folks will tune them out.

I think this qualifies as an exception to the rule!

I run a keeper league that includes 13 friends, and I am currently tied for first. I drafted Eli Manning and Colin Kaepernick as my two quarterbacks. Manning has worked out quite well for the most part, and obviously I have since released Kap. I am rolling along, but have reached a tough decision in Week 11. Eli is on his bye, and I do not have a backup quarterback.

Do to various roster moves, the list of available quarterbacks is pretty limited. This is the entire list of players available that are expected to play this week:

Brian Hoyer/T.J. Yates (both are available with Hoyer's status in doubt due to a concussion) vs. Jets
Mark Sanchez vs Buccaneers
Blaine Gabbert @ Seahawks
Case Keenum @ Ravens

That's it, nothing more. Not even Matt Hasselbeck. I could try and work out a trade, but I'd prefer to not give away even a late round pick for a one week option. I could potentially try and deal a bigger package of players to get a QB upgrade, but for now, I'm stuck considering these four options.

Right now I am leaning toward Sanchez. He faces a Bucs defense that is not awful, but definitely not all that good. He has the most experience of that group, and while it includes plenty of ugliness, there are at least some options there.

But given that group, there could very well be an argument for picking up Blaine Gabbert. I don't think it is a particularly strong argument given the Seahawks pass rush, but what has my fantasy world come to when I have to at least pause and think about the option?