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Richard Sherman discussed Seahawks struggles, Colin Kaepernick benching, Torrey Smith

Everyone's favorite member of the Seattle Seahawks was the player chosen to speak with 49ers media via conference call. He talked about the Seahawks struggles, sort of, and provided thoughts on Colin Kaepernick's benching. We have a full transcript below. You can also listen to audio here.

On feeling about this game with both teams struggling:

It always feels the same. It's another game, it's another division game. At the end of the day you're always playing for something, so that's why our guys come out. If we weren't playing for nothing, people wouldn't show up. I think guys treat every game like the same, regardless of record, regardless of circumstance.

On feelings with no Harbaugh on other sideline:

No, it doesn't make much difference to me. You go up there and execute the responsibilities to the best of your ability.

On Blaine Gabbert and his performance vs. Falcons:

Well, he successfully ran the offense. He led them down the field, he made some great decisions in terms of running it and passing the football. Obviously there were some mistakes in there as well, but to come off the bench and do what he did against the Falcons, it was a good performance.

On difference between facing Colin Kaepernick vs. Blaine Gabbert:

The offense doesn't change too much, regardless of who the quarterback is. I think at the end of the day, guys just have to play disciplined and understand assignments, and we'll be fine.

On preference shadowing receiver vs. playing one side:

Not really. Whatever they ask me to do, I'll do.

On why so few teams have winning records right now (fewest number after 10 weeks in 25 years):

That's a great question. I have no idea. That's very interesting. I didn't know that stat. I mean, it's just an odd year, in terms of what teams are playing well, and what teams aren't playing well. But at the end of the day, guys are still going out there and playing to the best of their abilities. It's just odd sometimes, it happens like that sometimes.

Why don'y you guys have a winning record:

Because we lost more games than we won.

Can you go a little deeper? Why do you think you guys have five losses:

Because we didn't score more points than the other team.

OK, let me try again, what hasn't clicked for you guys this season:

We've just, you know, sometimes you get the breaks and sometimes you don't. Guys played hard, they've done everything they're supposed to do. You win some, you lose some.

On matching up with Torrey Smith and him being brought in to be a deep threat:

I think he's done exactly that. He's been a tremendous threat for them. He has tremendous speed, and versatility moving him inside and out. But I think he's created another element for the offense in terms of explosiveness, in terms of just getting the ball down the field.

On if Smith was open at all in their last matchup (Smith had said he was open):

You know, I don't know. I was just out there covering, whether he was open or not, I'm sure it's on tape. I'm sure if he was open, they're going to try and go after him this game. We'll go out there and have another fun game.

On NaVorro Bowman return and if he's followed it:

I have, I have. I'm so impressed by the way he's come back, and how well he's played, especially as of late in the Falcons game. You see he was everywhere. And it's just a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft and what he does, to see him get back to form like he has.

On touching base with Bowman during his rehab:

We were both just out in LA. And you just support the guy, and tell him to keep his head up. Obviously at the end of the day, both of us are competitors for different teams, but at the end of the day, it's a brotherhood. You don't want anybody to be hurt, you don't want anybody to go through what he had to go through. You just wish nothing but the best for him.

On secondary struggles against Arizona:

Just a few mistakes, here and there. It happens sometimes. We played well for a while, then every now and then they had some places they made, and you give them credit for it.

On Kaepernick benching:

I mean football's a crazy game, so not really. It's who's playing well at the time, at the end of the day. Who would have thought when they were playing well and Alex Smith was out there that a year later Alex Smith would be gone from San Francisco, and Colin Kaepernick would be their guy. I mean, things like that happen in football, and you just gotta roll with the punches.

Thoughts on Cal-Stanford Big Game:

Yea, I think we got a great chance. I was obviously disappointed last week. We fought hard. Oregon's always a tough match for them. But yeah, go Cardinal! I think we're gonna get this one. We're at the house, we got the better team, we should win.

On getting antsy for interceptions:

You treat it the same. You just go out there and try to execute your ball. The opportunities will come when they come. And when they come, you just gotta take advantage.

On teams throwing away from him instead:

No, I've gotten opportunities. I just haven't capitalized every time, like I usually have.