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Pete Carroll talked Blaine Gabbert, Seahawks struggles, 49ers tight ends

The Seattle Seahawks head coach chatted with Bay Area media via conference call. He discussed what he likes about Blaine Gabbert, how the 49ers tight ends have looked, and even had some thoughts on the Warriors. We have a full transcript, and you can listen to audio here.

On Blaine Gabbert:

Well, he certainly played fast. Made good decisions and got out of the pocket when he needed to, and made some big throws. Scrambled well. The touchdown run was a heck of a play. The keeper that he puts together to kill the clock at the end of the game was a big play. I thought he looked good. He looked confident. Obviously they prepared him well. They didn't back off. Threw the ball down the field and manned their offense. So I thought he did a good job

On looking back at Jacksonville tape:

We always look at everything that's available, so we see everything.

On looking at Gabbert coming out of Missouri:

Of course. We checked him out, we knew him real well. We thought he was a fantastic athlete and had a huge upside. You guys are fortunate that you got him. He's there in the program, very lucky to have a guy like that.

On so few winning teams right now:

I think we've seen a good number of teams with undefeated records so long into the season. I think that's why the imbalance is there. A lot of teams were in with some 6-0s and 7-0s and all that. Putting a lot of losses on people. I don't think it means much. There's a lot of playing left, and a lot of games left, and a lot of things are going to happen. Who can hang the longest and stay toughest throughout the fight.

On Kendall Hunter workout:

He had a good workout.

On why interested:

No, we knew about him coming out of course. We worked out a couple guys that day. We're always working people out around here. We're just trying to keep abreast of who's available.

On if Hunter looked close to 100 percent from ACL rehab:

Yea, I don't think he'd come in for the workout if he didn't feel like that. We wouldn't have wanted to work him out unless he was full speed. He ran hard, worked hard.

On how NaVarro Bowman looks now compared to a month ago:

I think he's playing good ball. We're not seeing anything other than hard-nosed tough guy who does all the good stuff. He's a terrific football player. We have great respect for him. I haven't noticed anything different.

On whether Seahawks are playing up to level of talent:

I think we're playing as good as we've been playing, you know? I don't think we can do any better than what we just did, because of the problems that we have and the issues, and not making the plays that we want. You're always playing to your level. You talk about potential and all that, I think we have a great chance to play better, and unfortunately our games have gotten away to really good teams. You talked about why the numbers are as they are, we've played some great football teams here with undefeated records, and had them and couldn't get the finish. It's unfortunate because this season would have flip-flopped. I think we're pretty close, and we gotta finish out games better than we have.

On if it is close to desperate time yet for Seahawks:

It's always, every week is everything you've got. We play every game like it's the championship game, like it's the only game in the world. And we're gonna do it again this week, and see what happens next week.

On why team isn't finishing well in some games:

We have been a really good finishing team, so it has been frustrating to not see that come through with the opportunities. Because it goes all the way back to Green Bay this season. We've had chances in all these games to win them. We've had the opportunity. So it is frustrating because it is that closing that gets you the margin of difference. It's happened for us in other years, this year it isn't happening. We've got to turn that around to make this a good year still. And there's plenty of time to do that, but each game is so crucial. We'll see if we can get it done. We've finished some good games, and we haven't finished some good games, so I'm hoping that we'll find our way.

On tight ends without Vernon Davis:

Well, obviously we came back this week and Celek had a couple touchdowns and contributed well. Vance has been a really good player for you for some time. Vernon was very unique player because he was so fast, and he always posed a threat to the opponents that he could get downfield and strike you from anywhere. That's an unusual factor to have on your team. I know he wasn't getting as involved lately, the last month or so, but he was always a threat. He's different. So, Garrett getting a couple touchdowns is a pretty big deal in a game, and if that's where they're able to continue to go, it's gonna be a different set of problems at the tight end spot.

On Luke Walton as Warriors head coach:

He's doing awesome. I was fired up for Steve's effort and the great year that they had and the type of team that they were able to put together, and all of the coaches helped to get that done. For Luke to get a chance to fill in for Steve when he's down, it's a rare opportunity with such a great team. But, obviously, they're hitting on all cylinders. We watch them really closely. We love their team and how they play, and we check them out all the time. Their ability to hold their mentality following the big championship season, I think is extraordinary and it's really notable. And I'm sure Steve's helping out as much as he can, but for Luke to have this chance, I love it. He's a friend, we've known him for quite a while down in the South Bay before he got back into coaching. And I'm really fired up that he's doing it, and that they're having the success. I know that they're going to keep doing it one game at a time. It's a nice march they're on.