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Throwback Thursday: When Tukuafu and Sherman were not friends

This still never gets old

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Sadly, there isn't many good Seahawk/49er moments through history to mention. Part of it is, contrary to what a lot of Seattle fans say here, I don't consider the 49er/Seattle rivalry historic. Relevant, yes, and sure the years during the Harbaugh era will make it historic one day, but there just isn't enough there for me to say it's as great as everyone says it is. There isn't much ruining of one team over the other (like keeping one out of the playoffs), and besides Harbaugh's time, either both teams have been bad, or one team has been good  while the other is terrible. Now I accept there are exceptions, and I'm leaving it open (there were a few moments where we royally messed up the plans of the other). For what it's worth, we were both good at annoying the crap out of each other, and I'm sure some Seahawk fans have already tattooed their third Lombardi trophy from Super Bowl 50 on their arms following the Arizona loss.

We aren't scraping from the bottom of the barrel yet, but I just felt this oldie, but goodie was worth it. Richard Sherman seems to be behaving himself as of late. His press conference left my jaw wide open, and I checked to make sure I didn't hop into any worm holes to an alternate reality. I'm sure it felt weird for some haters to...uh...not hate him. It was that modest. And for once we aren't being sarcastic when using the word.

But whenever Sherman gets pancaked, I still point my finger and laugh. Roll it:

Now why is this even funnier? Because that's Will Tukuafu. Before he was bashing his head against goalposts, Will T was bashing his head into his future teammate's back. Seems like they buried the hatchet, but who knows. All I know is after four years, this gif still never gets old. After I posted it in the article, I just stared at it for 20 minutes and smiled. It's that good.

Who do you think is going to pancake him on Sunday? Someone must. Someone must.