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Reggie Bush and Josh McCown both get tackled by the concrete monster

Reggie Bush could not slow himself down, slipped and fell on the concrete, and eventually hit the wall and the status of his knee is unknown.

Yes, San Francisco 49ers RB Reggie Bush has had a problem with injuries this season, but couldn't this last one have been avoided? Bush was returning a punt, and had been forced out of bounds. He was attempting to slow down as he ran through the sideline. As he ran past the bench in the Edward Jones Dome, he managed to slip on the exposed concrete floor. If you are wearing cleats running on concrete, it will feel like ice. If the turf continued all the way to the wall, maybe Bush would have been able to stop before impacting the wall and injuring his knee.

A similar incident happened just a week ago with Cleveland QB Josh McCown, where he ended up running into the wall and hurting his shoulder after not being able to stop on the concrete.

There were Rams beat writers in the 49ers media availabilities asking about concern for the concrete surfaces, which was oddly similar to the Levi's stadium sod issues and questions this season.

Bush remained composed and professional when asked about the surface, but if this ends up being a season or career ending injury, I can't imagine lawyers not getting involved on his behalf regarding the hazardous nature of flooring int St. Louis. Bush left the stadium on crutches.

Are you angry that this happened?

I'm not angry that it happened, it is what it is. I mean, everybody else has played on it.

Instead of being tackled by a player you essentially got tackled by a stadium surface.


Is it your knee? Did you go into the wall after you slipped?


What's the severity of it?

I don't know, we will find out tomorrow.

Is it a ligament?

I'm not sure. We’ll find out tomorrow. I’m not a doctor, I’m not going to try to be one right now. We'll figure it out tomorrow. We’ll just have to get some pictures on it and see.

Is it an impact injury or a twisting?

I banged it. I slipped and fell when I was running out of bounds.

How concerned are you about coming back from this injury?

I don’t know, we’ll see. I’ve come back from other injuries before so I’m pretty sure I’ll be okay to come back. Right now that’s a long ways away. I’m not thinking about that right now. I’ll start with tomorrow and go from there.

Do other stadiums have that concrete surface behind the bench?

Not that I know of.

Are you fearful that it could be an ACL?

Like I said I'm not a doctor and I'm not going to try to be one right now. I'm not sure what it is. Once we get the pictures then I'll have a definite answer for you guys.

Not that you ever want to get injured but was it even more difficult in this gamw where you were going to have an expanded role?

Yeah, it's tough. anytime you get injured. This has been a pretty up and down year for me, just trying to stay healthy has been an issue. It is what is.

Did you think it was going to be tough to generate some offense with Boldin, Hyde and being out?

No, I wouldn’t say that. We all practice hard and everybody is well prepared. Our running backs coach does an good job of preparing mentally in case something like this happens. Kendall (Gaskins) was well prepared to go in there and hold up our end of the bargain and I think he did a pretty good job.