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Vernon Davis says goodbye to 49ers fans on Torrey Smith IG video

Torrey Smith just posted this on Instagram, and it would appear to be Vernon Davis saying good bye to San Francisco 49ers fans. The 49ers traded Vernon Davis Monday afternoon, sending him to the Denver Broncos for picks.

The 49ers got back last night from St. Louis and were beginning preparations for the Atlanta Falcons. Teammate Torrey Smith (who also went to Maryland, like Vernon), posted this video on his Snapchat. I am not positive, but I believe it is from today and Vernon saying good bye to the fans. Vernon was in his tenth year with the 49ers, and was the longest tenured following Frank Gore's departure.

Best of luck to Vernon as heads east to Denver. He'll get a chance to compete for a Super Bowl with a Broncos team that is now 7-0 following their big win over the Green Bay Packers. It's a shame it did not work out for Vernon to win a Super Bowl with the 49ers, but best of luck to him in Denver!

Good luck @vernondavis85

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