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Reggie Bush injury is MCL tear, not ACL, per Adam Schefter

It sounds like Reggie Bush's 2015 season is over, but the injury is not quite as bad as originally reported. We'll see if he tries to make a go of it in 2016.

We have some information to cap off a day of crazy San Francisco 49ers running back news. ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting an MRI revealed Reggie Bush suffered a torn MCL, but not a torn ACL. Schefter tweeted that Bush will have surgery on Tuesday.

This effectively ends Bush's career with the 49ers. The team will likely place him on season-ending injured reserve, and I imagine it will happen by Tuesday afternoon. The team needs to add another body and they will want to do it by Tuesday afternoon so as to get the player in for a full week of practice sessions.

The 49ers are looking at rolling out Kendall Gaskins and Shaun Draughn as their running backs this Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. Ben Tate and Pierre Thomas are two free agents that could end up getting a shot with the team as well. If this proves to be the case, I'd strongly prefer we see Gaskins get the bulk of the snaps. If the team is not comfortable seeing what Hayne can do with a full workload, they might as well see what Gaskins can do. I don't expect him to have a significant future with the 49ers, but maybe he can show something over these next few weeks, particularly if Hyde's foot will limit him this season.