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Golden Nuggets: The last great battle

Your 49ers links for Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Good  morning all! Hope everyone is ready for what may be the last 49ers game to get pumped for on Sunday. I think in either a win or a loss things are going to be bittersweet. If we win, we basically destroyed the Seahawks chances of a playoff appearance, which is pretty funny for reasons you may or may not be aware: The Niners have lost so many key starters, a winning coaching staff, flipped QBs, and yet they are still a game behind a team that has the same coaching staff, and most of the players that took them to a Super Bowl. Ouchie. But if we win, all that goes into consideration as well as a later draft pick.

If we lose, well, we get a better draft pick. I don't necessarily root for tanking, but I do look to the future. I'm a kind of person where if the greatest outcome is impossible, why do it anyways. That's not saying I want the 49ers to start losing, but there are some good things we can get with that draft pick.

But it's the Seahawks, you know they are just going to absolutely hate us if Blaine Gabbert sneaks a win that's worth a better draft pick. Go Niners!

Let's get to the links:

I still remember this. I was so mad at the way the game was going, I went out to my car and listened to some Thursday. I came back in and saw the popcorn getting dumped. 49ers' Bowman: Seahawks fans showed no respect after injury (Maiocco)

In case you didn't know, Hayne is not going back to NRL: Jarryd Hayne not tempted to return to Australia’s rugby league, keeping busy on practice squad (Inman)

It seems like yesterday when I was high on Kendall Hunter as Frank Gore's heir. Report: Kendall Hunter works out for Patriots (Maiocco)

Here's your injury report: Injury reports: 49ers’ Boldin, Seahawks’ Lynch questionable for Sunday’s game (Inman)

Blaine Gabbert IS a real American (cue the Hulk Hogan theme): Gabbert Leads 49ers Into House of Pain

Bowman's return to Seattle seems to be a big story: NaVorro Bowman returns to site of career-altering injury (ESPN)

I'll say it again: Blaine Gabbert IS A REAL AMERICAN (cue 'Real American' again): Has 49ers’ Gabbert got his groove back?

What a horrible night to have a curse...