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Quest to Madden 16 Perfection: Week 11

The Madden rubber band commits a play for the ages.

Despite the fact I didn't have near as many issues as I've usually had with current Madden games, I think I found some of the more infuriating things of Madden just the same. Crazy plays, stupid comebacks, and downright dumb AI has once again made even more of my sanity slip away as this challenge continues.

We are still using Blaine Gabbert in place of Colin Kaepernick this week, just to complicate my life. Other than that, no other handicaps are implemented. But none are needed, I screamed and went nuts during my attempts the same.

Ugh. This game is really starting to annoy me. Can I play Fallout 4 yet?

Attempt 1:

The 49ers received and I proceeded to jam Carlos Hyde down the Seahawk's throat. While I converted a single 4th down to get into the redzone, Blaine Gabbert threw a really questionable pick (seen below):

Dumb pick Madden 16

So here's how it went: the pass was caught, then dropped, then that defender basically leaped AS THE BALL WENT DOWNWARDS to catch it with one hand and get an interception. On the 1 yard line. I remember when physics was quite important to game developers but there is no way in HELL that kind of play could happen in real life. Especially with all the chaos surrounding the ball.

And yes, I think those uniforms are ugly too.

In any case, that let Russell Wilson basically find open receivers who actually could catch the ball (wow, I wish I had some of those) and score a touchdown. Getting the ball back, I was able to run down and kick a field goal, and even punch a ball into the endzone before the half ended. I went for two points, which wound up being useless.

With the second half Seattle scored another TD, which I followed up by taking Torrey Smith down to the 5 yard line and punching in a TD of my own. Seattle managed nothing and allowed me to go down once more for a field goal. I thought this game was pretty much won. Especially with Seattle kicking  with 1:30 to go (huh?!). They blasted their timeouts, and somehow got the ball back with 1:00 left. I was at 4th and 1 and debated just going for it even though I was on the San Francisco 32, but I punted. From there, came the dumbest Madden sabotage yet.

Defenders would be right in front of Russell Wilson and then go the other way like he willed them to, balls would be caught at just the right yardage. It all concluded with a TD at 10 seconds left and 20 minutes of my life gone to never come back. Ugh.

Attempt 2:

I don't know how I triggered a glitch in Madden again, but somehow I found myself with two picks and up by 14 in the 1st quarter. By the time the second quarter was winding down, I had the ball with 1:46 to go and just started running it. Oddly enough, Seattle wasn't calling time outs (usually the AI does this). As I scratched my head and dialed in another run up the gut (I'd be getting the ball back to start the half) Carlos Hyde fumbled, which Seattle recovered and THEN they started blasting their time outs.

So, basically, the game planned for me to fumble and have my opponent recover. That's why it didn't start using time outs after the two minute warning like usual. If only real life were this preemptive. So of course, the Hawks wind up scoring.

To start the second half, I did a few short plays out of the pistol, then ran the counter (something that has become my favorite play this year) and took Carlos Hyde for about 60 yards and a touchdown. I went for a two point conversion, but failed.

From there, The Hawks tried doing cheap scoring again, but somehow couldn't go anywhere. I had the ball briefly and handed it back. This is where it gets even more interesting: On 4th and 13 with 1:52 to go, the Hawks line up for an offensive play (one I'm no doubt going to give up a 1st down on). I accidentally tap the center touch screen on my PS4's controller and call a time out.

And Seattle punts instead. Down by 6 and you're not going to go for it?Then I remembered what happened last time.

I ran the ball three times and let Seattle burn their timeouts. This left me in the same position as the first attempt, and this time I wasn't being dumb. On 4th and 3 on the 49ers 23 yard line, I ran Bruce Miller up the gut and got a first down to close out the game.

Take that, Seattle. Take that, Madden.

Quick Observations:

This is from a franchise started before the season began, therefore Seattle is quite overrated. They have a 90 Madden score, but for a 90 rated team, they really suck against blitzes. Well, as long as Marshawn Lynch isn't running the ball. The dude jukes around everything. Other than that, I think Seattle may be one of the biggest falls since the game was released.

Let's see how the 49ers do in our simulation later today.