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Simulation Saturday: Week 11

We simulate the 49ers away game at Seattle in Madden 16.

Today's simulation is rather interesting. Interesting because I think the game still thinks the Seahawks are that good. While I don't see the 49ers winning this game, I certainly don't think the Seahawks are going to completly destroy them like the game indicates. Anyways, here's how it all went down:

Note: Anquan Boldin and Carlos Hyde are out for the 49ers. Marshawn Lynch, Bruce Irvin, and Paul Richardson are removed for Seattle.

1st Quarter:

The Niners received and Blaine Gabbert came out to the's rather funny when you see the footage of Blaine Gabbert that plays. For most of the quarterbacks, there's headshots, highlights, and other video to show them looking awesome. Blaine Gabbert is a shot of four legs-the quarterbacks and the center's (in Jaguar uniforms), a ball flying in the air, and that's it. Thrown together much?

Maybe the lack of footage indicated lack of offensive production. After a sack on 1st and 10, Gabbert threw two incompletions and forced a punt.

With the shanked punt to the 50 yard line, the Seahawks quickly ran Fred Jackson down the field and finished with a short pass to Jimmy Graham for a touch down.

Score: 7-0, Seahawks

On 1st and 10, the first play from scrimmage, Blaine Gabbert fumbled the ball on a sack to be recovered by the Hawks. The short field position meant a quick touchdown pass to Thomas Rawls for a touchdown. 10 seconds left in the first quarter.

Score 14-0, Seahawks

The 49ers took the punt and ran a play to close out the quarter.

2nd Quarter:

The Niners managed three plays this time before punting. WIth the help of Fred Jackson, the Seahawks moved down the field effortlessly, ending with a Doug Baldwin catch for a TD.

Score 21-0, Seahawks

The niners and Seahawks traded possessions, both going 3 and out. When receiving the ball on the seahawks punt, the 49ers took a knee to end the half.

3rd Quarter:

The Seahawks received and started again moving the ball down the field, thanks to Russell Wilson converting some 3rd and shorts with his legs Once in the red zone. The 49ers offense held the Hawks to a field goal. Not like it helps.

Score: 24-0, Seahawks.

The Niners received and went 3 and out once more. They punted the ball away to the Hawks and Seattle moved the ball to the 50 to close out the quarter.

4th Quarter:

It took two plays, but on 3rd and 5, Russell Wilson connecting with Doug Baldwin for another TD.

Score: 31-0, Seahawks

The Niners managed 5 plays on the following possesion, with a nice 30 yard pass to Torrey Smith. But 5 plays didn't put them in the endzone and resulted in another punt.

From there, the Seahawks employed a huge rushing attack with only one pass mixed in that led to a Bryce Brown touchdown. God, the Niners aren't doing good in this.

Score 37-0, Seahawks

The Niners managed 5 plays again before punting, thanks to a 14 yard Vance McDonald catch and go. After the punt though, the NIners sealed their fate; the Seahawks had enough to run the ball and the clock.

FINAL SCORE: 37-0, Seahawks

Final Thoughts:

If Blaine Gabbert does come back down to earth, I don't find this score hard to believe. At all. But I don't think Blaine Gabbert will come back down to earth. While I don't think he's the saving grace of San Francisco, I saw enough out of him on against the Falcons to think he's definitely improved from his time in Jacksonville.We've seen some accurate Madden scores and we've seen some head-scratchers. I'll file this one under the latter.