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Jim Tomsula talks about disappointment in 49ers defensive play

The 49ers gave up over 200 yards to a RB for the first time in the history of the franchise. Head Coach Jim Tomsula talked about his disappointment after the game

One of the trademarks of the San Francisco 49ers has been their run defense, and in essence, their tackling ability. Undrafted rookie RB Thomas Rawls proved that philosophy false as he ran roughshod over the entire defense, putting up 255 all purpose yards. It is the third highest total yards from scrimmage in Seahawks history behind Steve Largent (261 yards) and Shaun Alexander (273 yards). His 209 rushing yards place him second behind Shaun Alexander (266 yards) for most rushing yards in a single game.

The 49ers defense was not only challenged on the ground, but in the air as well. Russell Wilson's 82.8 completion percentage (24/29) was a career high. His 138.5 passer rating was the third highest of his career.

HC Jim Tomsula discussed his disappointment after the game in his post game press conference. The full transcript is below and you can watch the video here.


Ok, injuries: Glenn Dorsey obviously with a knee. He will get an MRI tomorrow. Anquan Boldin, that was just a hit to the back of the leg, he didn't pull anything. Tartt fell on his knee but he kept playing we checked him. So that's what we have coming out of there. The one we are obviously concerned about is Glenn Dorsey.

A few other guys went out for a bit; Tony Jerod-Eddie and Arik Armstead...

I think those were know I haven't been briefed on those, but I think they were normal bumps during a game.

Does Glenn Dorsey possibly have an ACL injury?

Yes, they are checking that. I don't want to forecast because I don't know but they are checking for that. There will be an MRI tomorrow.

How disappointed are you in the team's defense today?

I was definitely disappointed in the performance. The run fits. You have to be solid on the run fits and the tackling. You need to be sure tacklers.

Down two touchdowns, 5 minutes to go. Why punt instead of going for it on fourth down?

We thought about it there, going off Tony (Sparano) and I...Where I thought was, we had to get a stop. Then we were playing for obviously two touchdowns and two, two points. So we figure there, let's get the field position, let's get a stop. Then you score, then two points and then come back with an onside kick.

The same thing with 3 1/2 minutes left?

Yes, sir.

Were you encouraged by what you saw with Blaine Gabbert?


Thomas Rawls had a rushing record today. The team strength has been its run defense, are you shocked by it or...?

Yeah I don't want to say shocked but I was disappointed, very disappointed in the way we played the run today.

Did your team let up when they found out Marshawn Lynch was not going to play today?

I don't think that. I couldn't imagine that.

Off a bye week, where you should be refreshed, the team looked lifeless in the first half.

I didn't think the whole team looked lifeless. Offensively I thought we were going at it there and trying to have a consistent run pass deal and come into the game that way. To me, you're not afraid to punt. You got to be, at the beginning of the game right there, to run the ball and get the play action pass going. But defensively, we have to be able to stop the drive and work on field position right there.

You talked last week about opening fast on the road. Is that a point that you drove home to your team?

When I say opening fast, I mean opening fast in the course of the play. Don't feel your way through the play. Come off the ball and attack. I felt like offensively, we were coming out and the guys were coming off the ball and we were running hard there. That's a good team. So, that part of it was good, but defensively I was not happy with the way we came out. You know, attack the guys - attack in the tackling.

Do you think you were able to match the intensity that Rawls brought?

We didn't tackle well. We didn't fit up the run well. We didn't tackle well. That has to be.

Do you know why you didn't tackle well?

I have to look at it. We were talking about wrapping up and comiing down. You can't go in on a tackle, worry about missing a tackle. You have to just go tackle.

Was your run defense drastically different with Rawls in there and not Lynch?

No, sir.

What did you see from Blaine Gabbert that you liked today?

I thought Blaine and the poise he showed today was really good. He used his feet. He used his arm. He got himself out of some things. He kept his eyes down the field and made some plays. I'm not into moral victories but that was encouraging.

Do you see a difference in the way Blaine approaches things now, knowing that he is going to be the starter?

No, I don't see that at all. I've always seen him attacking every week and every day like he is going to start. The guy comes in every morning methodically at six am with his cup of coffee and he is in the film room. He's done that since he's been here.

How do you think Arik Amsted played?

They were up and down. Up and down.

Can you put into context what Glenn Dorsey means to the run defense?

Glenn means a lot to this team on and off the field. So, obviously I have a ton of respect for his play. Glenn's a big part of this team.

Do you think you prepared enough for Rawls this week?

Yeah. I don't see the counter when they pulled around. That was a bit of a different run play but we should have been able to fit that up. But I didn't see any major changes in the run game. We didn't get that done.