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Golden Nuggets: The Moral Here is That a "Victory" is Still a Loss

San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, November 23 2015.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Jim Tomsula is doing his best. I'm not talking about being a coach. I'm talking about being a spin doctor in front of the media, but he's not much better at it than squeezing wins out of his team. There was no sugar coat to another bad loss to recent NFC West nemesis Seattle, so why does it seem like that the loss is not as demoralizing as previous losses? Maybe it's because the team has nothing better to play for now than draft position. Maybe it's because the expectation of a loss is so great now that the new focus is to "remain competitive" or look like you're not losing as badly as you really are. I'm not sure what to make of this.

What we do know is that using the eyeball test (since we have such a small sample size), is that Blaine Gabbert can do a little bit more with this dysfunctional team than Colin Kaepernick can. Gabbert was able to take advantage a few times of the Seahawks main weakness which is guarding Tight Ends downfield. Those few big plays were more than I can remember getting against the Seattle defense in quite a while. Don't think that this offense is anywhere being good under Gabbert, but the point is that it is no longer quite as atrocious. And for the moment, we will have to satisfy ourselves with "not atrocious" because there isn't much that can be done right away.

This is officially Gabbert's team now, and I'm hoping that he will be serviceable enough to at least keep things entertaining until such time that a long term solution at quarterback can be found once more. Now here are our links:

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