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49ers bringing in 1 quarterbacks for workouts on Monday

The San Francisco 49ers need to find a veteran backup quarterback. Who might it be?

Fooch's update: The team informed the media they are bringing in one QB for a workout, but have had discussions about a second.

The San Francisco 49ers are going to bring in a couple quarterbacks for workouts on Monday, according to head coach Jim Tomsula. He would not specify which quarterbacks the team was bringing in, but I'm sure word will leak out sooner ir later.

The team placed Colin Kaepernick on injured reserve this weekend, promoting Dylan Thompson into his spot as the backup quarterback. Blaine Gabbert is the team's starting quarterback the rest of the way, but if he gets hurt, the team needs more than just an undrafted rookie behind him. It is certainly possible Thompson puts something together, but the odds of that as a rookie are pretty slim.

It is hard to find an accurate list of free agent quarterbacks out there. Most stop updating once the season gets going. I found this list, and this list, but neither is completely accurate. Rather than nail it down, I'll just be lazy and wait for word of who ends up working out. Jimmy Clausen did just get cut by the Chicago Bears, so the team could decide to put a claim in on him. And if they really want to help NN traffic, they'll bring in Tim Tebow for a workout. Do me a solid fellas.