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Johnny Manziel demoted to Browns third string QB

Looks like the 49ers will not be facing Johnny Football later this year.

One week ago, the Cleveland Browns announced that Johnny Manziel would be their starting quarterback the rest of the season. Apparently that amounted to one week. The Browns announced on Tuesday that Josh McCown is the new starting quarterback, and Manziel has been demoted to third string QB. Over the Browns bye week, Manziel was spotted on video drinking at a party, and clearly the Browns are not pleased by the development.

I bring this up because it would seem likely that Josh McCown will be starting against the 49ers when the two teams face off in three weeks in Cleveland. For purposes of this year, I think that increases the Browns chances of winning some games. Manziel has potential, but McCown is the safer short term bet.

The Browns are currently 2-8, and this change could be enough to net them a couple extra wins over the rest of the season. They host the Baltimore Ravens this weekend, in a matchup that will impact draft positioning. The Ravens are 3-7, and so whomever wins this game, the 49ers would potentially benefit. The Browns then host Cincinnati and San Francisco in Weeks 13 and 14. They travel to Seattle and Kansas City the next two weeks, and then close out the season at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers. These are all tough games for them, but they could spring a couple wins out of it.