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Vernon Davis said he wasn't having fun with 49ers toward the end


The San Francisco 49ers traded tight end Vernon Davis to the Denver Broncos earlier this month before the NFL trade deadline, and Sunday saw Davis with his most productive effort with his new team. He finished with six catches for 68 yards in a 17-15 Broncos victory. Maybe Brock Osweiler is the answer for what ails Vernon.

Earlier this week, Vernon made an appearance on a Denver radio show and had a chance to talk about how much he enjoyed being in Denver, and how he was starting to not have fun in San Francisco lately. Vernon can be rather verbose when he gets a mic in front of him, so I am not entirely surprised by his comments.

Sometimes you face situations where football is not fun. It's not fun. My case was being in San Francisco where I was going through some things where things - it just hasn't happening the way I expected it to happen. All the goals that I set in front of me, it just wasn't happening.

He said when the 49ers had their "mutual" parting of the ways with Jim Harbaugh, he had some doubts about where things might go. He talked about being naturally optimistic and getting over those doubts fairly quickly. Obviously things turned south in a hurry. He dealt with some injuries, there were rumblings of problems in the locker room, and the team was struggling. It is not surprising he wouldn't be having fun.

He also talked about the benching of Colin Kaepernick, and had generally positive things to say about his former quarterback.

"You depend on each other," Davis said of the relationship between a quarterback and a pass-catcher. "You guys have to be on the same page. You have to have chemistry. If it's not in sync, then nothing's going to happen. But you can't put the blame all on Colin. He's had some tough couple years, yeah, but like I tell everyone: Colin is such a strong-minded individual that I genuinely believe in my heart that he's going to come back and he's going to play better, he's going to be a better person - everything is just going (to be) good. I know him personally and I feel like he works extremely hard, so something has to pay off for him."