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Golden Nuggets: Happy Thanksgiving!

Your 49ers Links for Thursday, November 26th 2015

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving everyone! The Pat-Signal got flashed last night, so I'll be starting your feasting frenzy of a day with some 49ers news links. I hope all of you have a great holiday planned. For those of you working, I hope you enjoy yourselves and it's not too stressful. I used to work on Thanksgivings, I know the feeling. I got a smoked turkey going on right now and a stock I'll have to prepare shortly for my gravy,  but El Pato's Thanksgiving feast is going to be absolutely epic. With two pies, 6 lbs of potatos, a 15 lb bird, a bunch of stuffing, and two people, I will be grubbing for a few days.

Let's get to the links:

I really, really, really miss Mike Iupati. A great Vandal (my alma mater), and an even better 49er. Mike Iupati expects to be 'emotional' in first game against 49ers (ESPN)

It's obvious, it's something expected, but it's still cool seeing the team doing things like this: 49ers Give Back at Thanksgiving Feast (

Did you ever wonder what the favorite Thanksgiving foods are from the 49ers? Well now you know: We polled 49ers to find out what their favorite Thanksgiving foods were (Biderman)

Black Monday is really going to be interesting, isn't it? Jim Tomsula says he’s not thinking about job security

Not just big Mike, but I also miss Alex Smith: Alex Smith 'shocked' by 49ers benching of Colin Kaepernick (ESPN)

Here's what the Honey Badger has to say: Cardinals’ Mathieu offers scathing analysis on how Gabbert trumps Kaepernick (Inman)

This is kind of entertaining: Goodbye for now & an Open Letter to the 49ers

An update on Ahmad Brooks: 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks has entered the concussion protocol

Staley deserves this award: Joe Staley is 49ers’ nominee for NFL’s sportsmanship award

What a horrible thankful night to have a curse smoked turkey...

Enjoy your feasts, family, or, if you're a hermit like me, yourselves. Have a great day, everyone!