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Throwback Thursday: Some Jive Turkey Gobblin' for Turkey Day

You're reading this on Thanksgiving? Wow. I'm humbled, but also impressed. So yeah...that happened. Just watch the video. We don't want any gobble gobble jive turkey crap going on from any of you. So just watch the video and get back to eating.

Oh you want history? People were saying dumb stuff about Alex Smith before he took on the Arizona Cardinals. They said he wasn't good, was just a game manager, etc.

Then Alex went 18-19 and almost snapped Kurt Warner's passing record.

After the game, the media questioned Harbaugh about the Alex Smith thing. That prompted this response. And that's it! Laugh at Harbaugh and...


I don't argue with that guy. There is another video. This video is actually pretty heartwarming. Every year, the 49ers PR staff gets the team to serve dinner to families and people in need. Yeah, this is the same thing you see even Obama doing, but just like when the President of the United States does it, it's actually very inspiring to see someone in the position of athletes taking a few hours out of their day to serve food to those less fortunate. Roll it:

Side note: I swear  I can't decide if that old TV49 logo is either awesome, awful, or cheesy. My  best guess is that it's all three combined.

If you aren't at least doing something generous this holiday season, I hope you at least recognize how good some of us have it. Some of these people don't get so much as a computer to troll me.  And believe me, trolling me is one of the last bastions of freedom. As Patrick Willis said, some of us, may have been in their shoes and know exactly what it's like. Either way, It's really cool to see the 49ers doing this each and every year. And yes, Jed York probably has something to do with this as well.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.