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Thanksgiving meal daily fantasy game

This popped up on Twitter Wednesday afternoon, and I thought it would be fun to share with folks. Someone put together a fun pricing guide for Thanksgiving dishes. You get a salary cap, like in FanDuel, and you have to pick out your ideal meal while keeping it under the salary cap. Thankfully there are no such requirements when we eat at Thankgiving, but I thought it would be a fun Thanksgiving thing.

I felt like dark meat was drastically undervalued in this pricing model, so it was the easy call for me. I love me some mashed potatoes, so I was willing to pay extra for them. I decided that cranberries includes Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, which is the only way I roll on Thanksgiving. Biscuits seem overpriced, and I do enjoy dinner rolls just fine. I was going to go with pumpkin pie AND apple pie, but if I drop apple pie to carrot cake, I can bump up corn on the cob to bread stuffing. And so, I came up with following meal, with $500 to spare.

Dark meat (Turkey): $8,200
Mashed potatoes: $10,000
Bread stuffing: $8,500
Cranberries: $4,800
Dinner rolls: $5,000
Pumpkin pie: $8,000
Carrot Cake: $5,000

What you got?