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Bears beat Packers, and obviously I'm happy the 49ers don't have Vic Fangio or Adam Gase

Once again, it is proven it was clearly a good move to run off Vic Fangio and not hire Adam Gase. I know hindsight is 20/20, and people will make plenty of complaints, but I have a feeling a Gase/Fangio coaching duo could have done some great things for the 49ers. Sure, none of this can account for the retirements and free agency departures, but they would have provided a better coaching staff that what we seem to see on a weekly basis this season.

Probably not the best way to end a day of giving thanks, but I'm just kind of annoyed by all this right now. Fangio continues to own Aaron Rodgers (the Bears Week 1 loss to the Packers was Fangio's only loss to Rodgers in last six meetings). The Packers ground game got some work going, but it was not enough to get past a Bears team that is suddenly looking kinda decent.