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Golden Nuggets: The Gossip Continues

Your 49ers Links for Saturday, November 28th 2015

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, or at the very least, a good week. I've got enough leftovers here to keep me going until Monday, and I intend to devour everything I made. I love Thanksgiving...I'll hate the diet after, but I love this holiday.

I don't love the Colin Kaepernick gossip. It's not that I don't doubt/believe the latest to come in a long stream of "Front Office Leaks", it's just at this point, I don't care. Anything relevant to the kid's benching and eventual trip to the UPS store to get shipped out of town has been said/done. The reports are fine,  so is everyone from sources to former NFL players needing to pile on the kid with a story of his personality or how he doesn't use an iPad as much as Blaine Gabbert. I just don't care anymore. It's all just pointing back to the same story I've heard, I don't see why all these people have to pile on the poor guy. But then again, what do I know?

Let's get to the links:

Romanowski: Gabbert was studying film more than Kaepernick (Florio)

49ers OC Geep Chryst on facing Cardinals: ‘We like our chances’ (Inman)

Running back Carlos Hyde will miss his fourth straight game while Ahmad Brooks tries to return from concussion (Biderman)

Arik Armstead ready to show his capabilities with more snaps — on the right side (Inman)

Vic Fangio + Adam Gase… or Jim Tomsula + Geep Chryst? The 49ers made that call last January and oops, oops, oops (Kawakami)

Niners Will Give Cardinals a Different Look on Sunday (Doug Williams)

49ers’ Phil Dawson says he could keep kicking next year at age 41 (Barrows)

What a horrible night to have a curse...