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49ers put Colin Kaepernick merchandise on sale, only player to have that

The absurdity of this is starting to crack me up.

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Subtlety might be lost on the San Francisco 49ers team store. If you head over to, a sizable majority of Colin Kaepernick merchandise is on sale (h/t Mike Rosenberg). Given that he is on injured reserve, this might not seem like a huge deal. The problem is that it appears Kaepernick is the only player with so much gear listed on sale. I checked other IR players, including Antoine Bethea and Reggie Bush, and neither of them were on sale.

I suppose nothing should surprise us at this point, but can't the 49ers at least pretend to be subtle about Kaepernick? Most of us know he is likely gone after this season, so I suppose we could also thank the 49ers for not even pretending to try in this matter. At this point, it's getting almost comical. It's a lame approach, but the way this kind of stuff keeps happening has to sort of make you laugh at the ridiculousness. I suppose it could be a coincidence, but I generally am inclined to not believe in coincidences.